Winter is outside the door, and it is the right time to think of a winter food truck strategy. Unfortunately, the season brings many challenges, so we offer several ways how to fight them and keep the business successful.

Winter challenges

During the cold months, it is difficult to stay on the float. People prefer eating in warm restaurants or at home. Food trucks, so popular in summer, lose clients. So, most vendors start thinking of a way how to survive.

One of the ways is to close the business, park the food truck and either have a rest or find a regular job for several months.

However, many food truckers are against this strategy and want to keep on developing the business in the hard times as well.

Changing food truck menu

A special winter food truck menu is a great idea for the business. Move from the central shopping windows cold drinks and snacks. Instead, offer warm food:

  • Seasonal soups.
  • Grilled chicken wings, drumsticks, sausages.
  • Lamb or beef kebabs.
  • Meat, fish, and vegetable skewers.
  • Salads.
  • Hot chocolate with marshmallow, coffee.

A good option for adults will be a mulled wine with a piece of steak, turkey legs, grilled vegetables, or a nice brownie. Special cookies or pies with winter decorations will also be a nice option.

Apart from using a winter food tuck menu, think of organizing events around your mobile restaurant. If there is much snow, have clients and their kids build snowmen or snow castles or participate in snowballs’ battles. These competitions will be a great fun for both kids and adults.

Outdoor festivals

Every year, many winter outdoor festivals and Christmas markets start working. Consider participation in these events. Think if you can offer unique services.

These are some ideas:

  • A cup of free hot chocolate for each client who orders a soup with a salad or a slice of grilled meat.
  • Building a snowy food truck and getting a special price.
  • The best Christmas song competition and a special price – a discount or a special price for the winner if he orders lunches during the next month.
  • Decorate the mobile restaurant in winter motives. 

Maybe you can offer a special discount program for those who would bring friends or order a party menu.

Other services

Many people believe that the food truck business is successful when there are many clients around staying in a huge line for buying your meals.

However, it is not like this in winter. People are afraid of cold weather and do not want to stay outside, waiting for some food, even if it is their favorite.

To help them get what they want, try the following:

  • Offer an online menu and delivery services. This will help your fans order your specialties for a sinner or a special event.
  • Combine your menu with the services of some brewery or a restaurant, where there are no enough kitchen capacities.
  • Become a breakfast/ lunch provider and offer your services to a business or a school. All you need to do is to achieve an agreement with management, park the winter food truck near the business/ school facility, and sell food. Another option is to pack the meal and to bring it to a dining hall for a service.
  • Develop social networks to offer online orders.

Move to warmer regions

Well, this is an option as well. If it is possible, move to a warmer country or a region, park your trailer there and work during the winter.

There are many ways to meet winter challenges and help the food truck business on the float. Strategies are different, and you can choose whether to change a menu, move to a warmer region, stop the business, or change a business structure. We, from our side, can offer you a perfect winter food trailer available in stock.