Many people ask: How I can use a food truck. There are many ways. You can serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and work in a food truck park. Or you can buy a trailer and participate in different kinds of events.

Food truck for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

The most usual way how you can use your food truck is to serve breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

The algorithm is the following:

  • Buy a food truck or a trailer.
  • Find a place where you will work.
  • Get permissions.
  • Choose the menu.
  • Sell food.

This scheme allows you to work the whole day or serve just breakfasts, lunches, or dinners. The mobile restaurant menu may include eggs with bacon, pizza, hotdogs, hamburgers, waffles, pancakes, and many other specialties.

Depending on your mobile restaurant business concept, you can choose a specific market – it can be entry, middle, or high food market. The menu, prices, meals’ quality, and clients will vary depending on the market you will choose.


Another alternative to using a mobile kitchen is to participate in food truck events. These can be weddings, birthdays, school graduation parties, etc.

You can offer the same menu, style, and prices for every wedding food truck party time. This approach means that you do not need to spend much time on preparation, budget calculation, and new ideas. Some people believe that the approach has a big disadvantage – you will participate in the same types of events all the time, and will have no way to develop business and get new clients. A birthday food truck party will be similar to a wedding or any other party.

Another way is to be different and plan participation in various events, offering a new approach every time. Sometimes it will be easy. Sometimes it will be a challenge. Imagine if the customer will order wedding catering and invite 300 guests.

The issues you might face are the following:

  • A large number of guests means that you may need several food trucks.
  • All people have different tastes, so you need to offer a different menu. One wedding food truck can serve bbq and grill, another one – hotdogs, burgers, pizza, and chips, the third one – desserts and drinks. The situation becomes more complicated if the party is organized in one style. Mexican party will be different from a Cowboy party, or a Harry Potter one. Still, you can find a trailer in the Futuristo product line fully suitable for any of these purposes.
  • It is hard to calculate the budget, so it is better to convince the client to summarize the costs after the event, be it a birthday food truck party or a different one, is over, and have a deposit.
  • Quite often power and water sources are not available in the event area, so you need to be sure, that your food trucks or trailers run fully autonomous. Futuristo offers trailers for sales with gensets, drinking, and wastewater tanks which assure stable work in any condition.

A big advantage of food truck events is that they give you a chance to earn good money.

By the way, having a permanent place, you can organize some special events on a regular basis. This can be something like a Food Truck Fridays or Saturdays. Offer something special each time, and clients will appreciate it.

Food truck park

A perfect alternative is to run your mobile restaurant is a food truck park.

Many people come to get fun and eat. Often, such clients are inclined to spend money, and you can count on a good income.

The key to the success is an interesting menu, delicious meals different from what others sell. You may consider including children’s special menu, national specialties, or exotic food.

Whatever business you choose, order a trailer from Futuristo. We offer different models in standard specifications and with various catering equipment.