Trek Food Truck Festival is one of the brightest mobile restaurants’ events. Caravans, food trucks, trailers, and carts – in the middle of July you will see a colorful feast and will be able to taste the best street food. Unfortunately in 2020, this festival is canceled, like lots of other events.

Trek food truck festival – when and where?

Food truck festivalUsually Trek Food Truck Festival takes place in the Netherlands in the first half of July. In 2020 this event was planned for 9-12 July in a very beautiful Zuderpark in Hertogenbosch.

It was expected that the festival would great over thousands of visitors per the following schedule:

Thursday, 9 July – 16.00-22.00

Friday, 1 0 July – 16:00-23.00

Saturday, 11 July – 14:00-23:00

Sunday, 12 July – 14:00-20:30

However, life made changes in this schedule. Due to the pandemic, all the events in the Netherlands were canceled until the 1st of September. The Trek food truck festival was also canceled. The next time we all can participate in this feast is July 2021.

One of the brightest food truck events in Europe will be held in a garden full of colorful flowers, trees, and will not leave anyone indifferent. Kids, adults, elderly people will enjoy walking among beauty and fun.

Food trucks

One of the most interesting parts of the event is food trucks. There will be about 35 mobile restaurants, all offering different meals – sushi, vegetarian menu, burgers, and even special cocoanut cakes. Unfortunately, now, in 2020, you can’t enjoy all this in one place, but the organizers publish receipts of some specialties, so you can cook your favorite chicken bbq, thai chicken, or aubergine salad at home.

Apart from tasting delicious dinner, traditionally all the participants could seat at the Chef’s table to see what ingredients are used and enjoy new meals. This opportunity will have to be postponed until the Trek Food Truck Festival 2021.


Trek Food Truck Festival offers lots of other entertainments. Among them, there is live music, funfairs, theaters, and shows.


  • Old gliders from the beginning of the XX century. One was built in 1910, another one – in 1938. Both still work and offer fun! Gliding in the air, you can see the park and European food trucks.
  • Theater trailer traveling around the park offers shows for any age.
  • Live music. It will sound all day, but as soon as darkness falls, soul, funk, and dancing music will fill up the park to create an incredible atmosphere.
  • Magic tricks, circus shows.
  • Bars with wine, cocktails.
  • Special events for children – cooking workshops, theater, traditional Dutch games.

Trek Food Truck Festival takes place in other Dutch cities as well. Unfortunately the events which were supposed to take place in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Tilburg is also cancelled. It is still expected that the festival in Den Haag will take place on September 11-13. You have time till then to order trailer in Europe from Futuristo and become a part of the Trek Food Truck Festival!