Fuuristo is happy to present you with a caravan with a motorhome function. Mobile homes allow you to travel and to live wherever you want. It is a new trend, a new fashion, and a new style of life. Just follow it and have fun!

For centuries, people have lived in their own houses in villages. They were tied to gardening, harvesting, growing cattle, and daily works.

As industrialization came, lots of people moved to cities and gave a stimulus for the construction of large residential buildings with many apartments. Hundreds of young people, families with children, pensioners populated tiny apartments with annoying bonuses of hearing what neighbors talk about and smelling what they cook.

The XXIst century brought freedom of traveling and work. We have Wi-Fi, an ability to live and work wherever we want. Fulfilling daily responsibilities remotely, we are not tied to a specific place anymore. We can travel around the planet and stay in the place we most like.

The main assistant that makes this trend possible is a caravan. Hook up your camper to a vehicle and drive from London to Barcelona or from Zurich to Amsterdam. You can go to a Black sea resort for the whole summer and enjoy the sun, surf and swim as long as you want. And your travel trailer will be not only your home but also a mobile office. 

What you unveil with a Futuristo travel trailer is an incredible feeling of freedom, happiness, and a possibility to live in your own pleasure – all you need for a long healthy, and saturated life.

It is not true that caravans are designed only for single people who selfishly choose their own way of living.

Futuristo offers different trailers, and some are large enough for the whole family. Now you can be selfish together to live the way which seems to be the best for all your beloved.

Take a chance to be free! Get in touch with Futuristo and order a caravan!