Thinking to buy food truck? We are happy to unveil you a drawing of the fully equipped trailer produced by Futuristo to you. The inside area of this 8 m mobile restaurant is 19 sq. m. This gives enough space for several cooks and installation of the most wanted cooking equipment. So, welcome to the Futuristo trailer tour!

Food truck outside design

Looking at the trailer drawing, you can see that from one side of the vehicle there is an entrance door. On the other side there are 2 windows, 1750 mm each, and a place for a TV menu (the length is 1250 mm).

The door and all the windows have special locks to protect the trailer from undesired criminal actions. The doorway is equipped with a special foldable ladder that can be released for a comfortable entrance and exit for the people working inside.

The windows are made of tempered glass. There are LED lights mounted over each of them to make the mobile restaurant’s services more friendly and convenient.

It is impossible to see the outside design, but believe us, it can perfectly comply with your thoughts and dreams. When you buy food truck, we will paint it in any colour you want and will work with you on the design.

Food truck equipment

The front semi-sphere of the trailer is designed for electrical equipment. Here, you will find an electrical switchboard with a meter and protective automatics. The running voltage is 220 V.

In case you are planning to buy food truck and expect autonomous work or scare of power failures, in the front part there is a place for a generator. Futuristo mounts a 20kW petrol genset in a soundproof box.

The back semi-sphere is the place where we suggest installing an LPG reducer and an LPG tank. Gas-driven catering appliances allow saving money and reducing costs.

One of the must-haves in the food truck is an exhaust hood. It allows catching grease and keeping the inside air clean.

Three medium temperature fridge cameras are built-in under the countertop. They keep the inside temperature at +4+6°C.  One more fridge camera is installed on the other side and is designed for -2-18°C.

We arranged 2 sinks with cold and hot water faucets on the countertop near the catering equipment area. The warm water supply will require a boiler. There is a space provided for it as well.

One can’t imagine a good mobile restaurant without a wardrobe. You must have it for keeping clothes, shoes, umbrellas, and any other stuff. We believe that the most comfortable place for it is near the entrance door. Thus, upon entering the trailer, you can change clothes to an elegant uniform and start working and earning money.

Each food truck Futuristo creates is perfectly designed. The inside layout is ergonomic and provides convenient working terms.

Food truck cooking equipment

The trailer we show you has the most used cooking equipment:

  • LPG cooker with two burners. It will be useful for cooking and warming up soups, preparing eggs with bacon, or frying meat.
  • LPG grill is a must-have for hamburgers, toasts, grilled chicken, and vegetables.
  • LPG deep fryer with 2 containers will allow you to cook French fries, fried onions, and nuggets.

If this equipment is insufficient, mount a pizza oven, install a small coffee machine, a melter, a blender, or any other appliances that will comply with your business idea! We will advise you where to choose the right place for it.

What to buy

The drawing of the trailer includes the standard and the most commonly used kitchen and cooking equipment. It is not necessary to buy everything we offer.

You can:

  • Buy food truck just with electrics if you feel that all the other equipment is abundant.
  • Order food truck with fridge cameras, water tanks, a wardrobe, and LPG catering equipment.
  • Buy the trailer with the catering equipment we choose and mount.

Remember, with Futuristo you are free to make your own choice of trailers and kitchen and cooking equipment!