There are many questions connected with running a food truck business. From the outside, this business looks simple and prosperous. In reality, starting your own food truck business means a risk of losing time, money, and stability.


Time is one of the most valuable things in our lives. When you are an employee, you work on average 8 hours a day and have 2 days off. However, if you are in a food truck business, you will be busy all the time.

You need:

  • to buy food, disposables, LPG bottles, new forks, spoons, etc;
  • to cook if you have a concession trailer;
  • to warm meals up and to serve them;
  • to control products’ quality;
  • to keep the food truck and all the catering and kitchen appliances clean;
  • to take care of drinking water;
  • to control wastes, greywater;
  • to control the accounts and costs;
  • to pay bills, taxes;
  • to communicate to health departments, police, and other state and municipal authorities;
  • to cooperate with accountants, lawyers, business partners, etc.

The list is endless, and each responsibility takes time. If you are confident in the profit and the income you will get, you can devote all your time to the mobile restaurant business.   

If there is no confidence, if you work on the edge between losses and profit, and have no clear vision of how you will pay bills next month, full-time food truck business is a challenge.

 As an alternative, you can work half-day operating food truck and half-day as an employee in some other commercial or municipal enterprise. Run food truck only in the morning, lunchtime, or evening. Consider servicing weekend events or parties only.


Another option of running a food truck business is to involve your relatives or people you trust. They can implement half of your responsibilities, thus leaving you some time for business development or personal affairs.

Potentially you can hire several persons, and they all will work for you. But this decision has another side – you need to pay salaries, cover insurance, and social payments. The more employees, the higher costs are.

A thoroughly prepared business plan with all the costs calculated will allow you to get a golden middle. Maybe the most reasonable solution will be to hire a professional cook. Maybe it will be logical to work alone.  

Menu and food quality

People appreciate a diversified menu. However, this leads to costs increase. You will need more kitchen appliances, more products, and different cooking skills. Eventually, you will see that of 50 names of burgers, you will sell only 5, and products you bought to cook 45 other hamburgers will be thrown away.

You may face the same issue planning selling pizza, burgers, hotdogs, soups, salads, pancakes, donuts, waffles, or ice-cream.

Here is a short guide on how to make a food truck menu:

  • Conduct food truck marketing research.
  • Choose the most wanted and the most popular meals in the area where you are going to work and among the people who potentially will become your clients.
  • Add something special on the menu. This needs to be something that other food trucks do not offer.
  • Make sure you can get high-quality products for food preparation and reliable business partners.
  • Carefully calculate the costs. They all must be included in the food truck menu prices. When doing it, leave some space for a force-majeure.
  • Complete the menu and be ready to revise it on a regular basis.

This approach, which might seem scientific to some people, works well. It is also a good idea to see how successful food truckers operate their mobile restaurants.

Having started running a food truck, pay special attention to the quality of the meals. Any mistake, any incident with poor quality will lead to a bad reputation and a fiasco.

There are many other factors impacting the success of the mobile restaurant business. It is a location, mobility, correct identification of the market. An important factor is the trailer you buy. A used food truck might lead to high costs and losses. A new fully outfitted trailer from Futuristo will mean a higher income and a profit. In case, you still have not decided what food truck you need, fill up the short questionnaire, and we will help you choose the best one!