It is a really cool idea to start ice-cream food truck business. However, as with any other idea, it has advantages and negative points. See how to succeed in the ice-cream business with new Futuristo trailers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Most people love ice-cream, but only if it is warm outside. The dessert is popular in sea resorts, entertainment parks mainly in summer. When it is cold, people choose something warmer – hot chocolate with a brownie or a piece of cake is a good example. 

So, most of the people who plan to open an ice-cream food truck, have a dilemma – what to do with the van in winter.

There are several options:

  • To park the trailer in a storage place. This is a good alternative if you have an additional income or have earned enough during the summer.
  • To rent food truck instead of buying one. The problem is you will neither be able to wrap your trailer the way you want it, nor you will be able to install the right catering equipment.
  • To move the trailer to a place where ice-cream is demanded at any time of the year.
  • To include something different in your menu. This can be hot chocolate, lemon tea, coffee, or mulled wine. Add apple pies, brownies, cakes – anything that creates a warm lovely atmosphere in cold days.

Ice-cream food truck

To open an ice-cream food truck business, we would suggest you buy trailer 4000 mm long from Futuristo. This is a small trailer that is perfect for cooking and selling desserts.

Futuristo 4000 Mini is a cheap trailer. Still, it can be equipped the way you need it.

Order the van with:

  • Water tanks for drinking and sewerage water.
  • Sink with faucets.
  • Generator.
  • LPG boiler.
  • Catering equipment per your choice. This can be a dipping machine, a blender, a rolled ice-cream machine, a sandwich maker, or even a cone holder. If you offer drinks and other desserts, Futuristo can mount an LPG burner, an espresso, or a slushy machine.
  • One medium-temperature and one low-temperature fridge camera.

Ice-cream food truck menu

A successful mobile restaurant business is possible if you sell high-quality food and have a menu your clients like.

These are some ideas:

  • Thai ice-cream with different tastes. People love it this dessert because it is always fresh and tasty. The process of how the milk and fruits transform into an ice-cream looks very enchanting.
  • Sandwiches and rolls.
  • Ice-cream cones with vanilla, chocolate, mango, kiwi, strawberry, mint, or cherry flavours.
  • Gelato with an aroma of pistachios, peer, nougat, sour cherry, or bubble gum.

When completing creating a menu, make up attractive names for all kinds of ice-cream you offer.


Do you like the idea of a ice-cream food truck?

Choose the model and order a trailer from Futuristo! 




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