Futuristo builds trailers in standard and customs specifications. This means that you can buy a trailer designed and built per your special request or choose one of the models we offer to all our clients, Both versions have advantages and are perfect to start food truck business. 

Standard food truck

The standard food truck is a trailer made of a reliable stainless chassis and a durable fiberglass body. We use R14 wheels, a Knott suspension system, and a towing mechanism from the same manufacturer. All the trailers have lights, an entrance door, a showcase, and a menu window. The fiberglass walls are insulated and can be painted in white, red, black, or green. Painting in any other color is at an additional price.

The length of the standard models we offer is 4 m, 6 m, and 8 m.

You can buy such a food truck at a low price and equip it in compliance with your wishes and plans.

If you want, we can sell you a trailer with a boiler, an air conditioner, freezers, pizza ovens, burners, and other cooking equipment.  All the details will be agreed with you in advance.

Customized order

Futuristo also builds customs trailers. Each unit is designed per a special project. The maximum length is 12 m, the area is 26 sq. m. Inside, there is enough space for up to 10 people. The trailer can be painted in any color.

Like in a standard model, we can offer a customs food truck without cooking and kitchen equipment as well as with all the necessary appliances. Your trailer will have a premium class water and power system. There is a possibility to make an LPG system to save costs, to install a generator. 

The quality of both custom and standard food trucks is very high. Futuristo builds trailers paying much attention to every minor detail.