The best food truck must be reliable and of high quality. Failures, rust, permanent issues with an engine and engineering system mean a waste of money and business. With Futuristo trailers you enjoy successful business for years.


Buying an old used food truck or a trailer you doom yourself to high operation and repair costs in 90% of the cases. This mobile restaurant will work long, providing you to spend much time fixing the issues and invest quite a big amount of money. Still, there is a high risk of failure. And if you spend all your resources on repair, is there really a time for business?

Futuristo builds trailers in Europe to make sure you run them for a long time.

This means:

  • High-quality materials. The body is made of fiberglass. It does not rust. It can stand strong impacts and influence of bad weather.
  • Modern technologies. Our engineering department worked out a stable and strong construction. We even make refrigeration equipment ourselves per our technology, and it is know-how we are proud of!
  • Stainless steel frame. The strong frame is made of high-quality stainless steel. All the joints are well-welded to be able to carry high loads.
  • All the details are well-thought. There are no holes, gaps between components and equipment. The appliances are well-mounted and attached.

The Futuristo trailers will work for a long time. There is a high risk that you will want to sell yours, and still, it works for a new owner.


The definition of an old reliable food truck causes a smile. The vehicle must be reworked completely to keep on working and bringing money. And still, there are always issues that require attention – if not engines and hydraulics, then rusted bolts or cracks in windows.

Trailers from Futuristo are reliable. They can withstand heavy loads, and still, you will not see signs of failures or damage. The reason is simple – the construction process is controlled by professionals with over 15-year experience. Before they start building, a computer model is created with means of special software. After that, a trailer 3D model is made. Every single detail is being inspected.

 As soon as the trailer is built, we do quality control. This includes checking stability, leveling, loading and bearing capacity, work of electrical, exhaust, water, LPG systems, kitchen and fridge equipment. Your trailer will be hooked to a vehicle and driven for some distance to make sure there are no issues with towing and stopping.


To assure that your Futuristo trailer is of high quality, we provide a warranty.

There are special warranty terms for the body, chassis, and other components. Trailer owners will get a maintenance and operation manual with all the recommendations on how to run it to avoid failures.

With Futuristo trailers you can be sure that your food truck business will flourish.

If still have doubts about what a reliable food truck is, contact us! We will help you make the right choice. A small questionnaire will be of a great assistance.