Food truck kitchen equipment is something that makes your menu real. Ovens, burners, fryers, griddles will help you make hot and warm food. Blenders, ice-cream makers will be a good choice for a dessert mobile restaurant.

Requirements for the mobile kitchen equipment

Food truck cooking appliances is one of the secrets of a successful mobile restaurant business. Opening a street food spot, you need to be careful about several things:

  • All the professional cooking appliances must have high quality and respond to such characteristics, as for durability and reliability. One thing you want least of all is a burner, a griddle, or a coffee machine to get broken in the middle of a working day with hundreds of clients waiting for their turn. Do not save money on kitchen appliances, choose the best suppliers, pay attention to the warranty terms as well.
  • Right choice. Before buying a food truck or a trailer, one needs to think well about what cooking appliances are required. They must comply with the business’s main focus. If you are opening a dessert food truck, you still can rearrange it to sell pancakes or donuts, but it is going to be difficult to offer pizza, soups, kebabs, or any other warm meals.
  • Warm or cold. This requirement is very close to the previous one. If you plan to sell warm food, you will need real cooking equipment and a microwave. For cold desserts, a cold shopping window is required.

Another requirement that is often ignored is an ergonomic layout and design, and kitchen equipment plays a big role in it. The inside space must have an ergonomic layout that assures cooks and their assistants to work in a comfortable environment. Avoid heaps of appliances, little working space. Try to design the food truck in advance, check the dimensions of necessary appliances, and mount them in compliance with sanitary and ergonomic requirements.

Food truck warming and cooking equipment

To sell warm soups, fresh pizza, well-flavored burgers, grilled meat, vegetables, or tacos you need cooking appliances and warming equipment.

  • Pizza ovens will do a good job of making the most delicious Margherita, Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken or any other type of pizza. Diversify the standard menu with your ideas or
  • The griddle is something you must have. A commercial grill will make good work if you plan to sell burgers, tacos, vegetables, or steaks. Make sure that it is made of cast iron or stainless steel.
  • Deep fryers are good for chips. You can use them for nuggets, onion rings, or amazingly tasty fried squids.
  • Professional ranges are perfect for a breakfast, lunch, and dinner food truck menu. Steaks, burgers, soups, fried eggs – cook anything you want.
  • Microwaves are good for warming food up. Sometimes just a few seconds will allow food to be fresh and delicious again.
  • A toast press is something you need to prepare fresh and tasty toasts.

We recommend using LPG kitchen equipment. It allows for faster warming up and better temperature regulation. At the same time, gas is cheaper than electricity.

Cooling equipment

It is impossible to imagine a food truck without food truck cooling equipment. Professional low- and medium-temperature refrigerators allow keeping products fresh, help to keep clients happy about good and healthy food.

In Futurirsto, trailers refrigerators are located under a counter. This saves space for other equipment.

Clients can install cooling shopping windows for storage of ice-creams, desserts, and drinks. However, if this is what you want, talk to us in advance, so there is enough space for it.

Dessert appliances

For preparing desserts you do not need large mobile kitchen equipment. The exclusion from this rule is cooking pancakes, muffins, cookies, cheesecakes, fried Oreos, or buns directly in the trailer. In this case, you will need a burner or an oven.

The dessert food truck will be good with the following appliances:

  • Blender
  • Dipping machine.
  • Rolled ice-cream machine.
  • Coffee machine.
  • Cone holder.

Futuristo offers 4 models of trailers that can be perfectly used for mobile restaurants. 4-m trailers are good for serving desserts or a breakfast menu. A 6-m food truck is a perfect option for a burger restaurant. An 8-m and a custom-built trailer will do a great job for offering lunch, dinner, pizza. Any of these food trucks can be used for events catering. 8-m long, fully equipped trailer is available in stock now!