Futuristo is open to working with auto dealers.  We offer modern trailers for sale. If you sell cars, trucks, special vehicles, or campers, contact us, we will find profitable ways of cooperation.


Futuristo is a producer of trailers in Europe. We have a well-equipped facility that includes an engineering department, assembly premises suitable for simultaneous assembly of several trailers, separate premises for fiberglass production, painting, and other types of work.

As our management is located in the same facility, we are always ready to show our customers all the nuances of a trailer’s production process.

Futuristo is a company that sets ambitions targets and keeps the values.

  • Relationship with partners. We keep a transparent relationship and communication with our clients and contractors, and believe that only this approach will help us build a prosperous business.
  • Our team is one of the most important values. Every specialist has a great experience in the construction of trailers, or in his own professional area. Key specialists have over 15 years’ experience and are ready to invest their knowledge and skills into the product our clients will get.
  • Our product. All Futuristo trailers have high quality and pass strict quality control.

Trailers for sale

Futuristo product line includes 4 models of trailers:

  • 4000 MINI. It is a 4 m model with an internal area equal to 9 sq. m. The bearing capacity is 1,800 kg.
  • 6000 OPTIMA. The 6 m trailer has a 14 sq. m area. The bearing capacity is 3,500 kg.
  • 8000 ULTRA. The 8 m trailer has a 9 sq. m area. The bearing capacity is 3,500 kg.
  • A custom model can be as long as 12 m with a 26 sq. m area. It is constructed per individual design.

Futuristo trailers can be used in different areas:

  • Mobile restaurants. Bigger models are perfect for pizza, burgers, or lunch food trucks. Smaller models are ideal for dessert and ice-cream food trucks.
  • Mobile offices. Park the trailer wherever there are clients and provide a first-rate service. Futuristo mobile offices can be equipped with air conditioners, Wi-Fi. There is a place for a clients’ area and several working places.
  • Each trailer can become a perfect caravan or a camper. It will be a pleasure to travel in it and to visit the most beautiful and secret places. You even can live in such a camper. Insulated walls will keep the inside area warm and cozy.

Unique construction technologies and materials make Futuristo trailers an awesome choice for many businessmen and travelers.


And now Futuristo is ready for cooperation with auto dealers.

We know that you offer a wide range of products starting from cars to trucks or even special construction or mining vehicles.

Contact us to know how we can organize business together!

Futuristo is ready to provide:

  • Perfect high-quality trailers for sale.
  • Special warranty terms.
  • Service.

We are also ready to cooperate with banks regarding leasing opportunities and terms.

Futuristo is a reliable partner who offers trailers for sale and is ready for long-term cooperation with companies involved in the auto business.