And organic food truck is a fashion trend in the food industry in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, and Asia. Customers look for locally grown products free of hormones, antibiotics. Futuristo is happy to offer trailers suitable for organic food.

Why an organic food truck?

More and more people take care of their health. They prefer to eat healthy food, choose shops to buy bio-products. They visit restaurants that serve meals made of products grown locally without antibiotics and hormones.

Such products are more expensive, but the issue of price becomes less favorable compared to health issues humanity faces nowadays.

Street food is not yet much impacted by this tendency, and you will see a lot of mobile kitchens selling hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches prepared for cheap stuff. Still, many vendors already started thinking of new challenges and choose organic products. This helps them be different, follow the latest tendencies, and eventually become industry leaders.

Futuristo builds trailers perfectly suitable for selling organic food. Choose the best model and read our recommendations for a new direction of your business. Order a trailer now to be a leader in this newly developing and fascinating industry.

Market study

Higher interest to organic food all over the world does not mean that people in your area are ready to buy it.

Before opening a food truck business or developing a new direction, make a study, check how local people will react to your new offer. It is likely that they would prefer tacos, sandwiches with fat chicken meat full of hormones or artificial drinks. One of the reasons – they are used to them.

Another reason is the price you offer.


Organic food pricesThe problem with organic products you will sell from your food truck is the price. Such food is more expensive, and lots of people are not willing to pay more if they can buy something cheaper.

Based on rough calculations, the price difference will be 10-20%, so see what will happen:

  • People got used to buying a pizza for lunch at 5 Euro from you.
  • As soon as you start using bio-products it will cost 5,5-6 Euro.
  • Let’s assume someone buys this pizza for a lunch 5 days a week.
  • He will have to pay 5 Euro more per week.
  • This might be the price of a pizza your competitor asks for.

Take these notes into account when considering starting an organic food truck business. Price issues can change your business vision and goals considerably.

Organic food recognition

To sell food which looks the same but costs more is not easy. The food truck market has many competitors, and the price is an important factor.

To win this competition, try the following:

  • Advertise yourself as an organic food truck vendor. Talk about health issues, benefits of using biologically clean products.
  • Communicate with local farmers. Order products from them. Be sure that what you sell is indeed different and healthy. Buy from known sources.
  • Show that you support the local community and local businesses buying from them. People around you love it. There is a high chance that your suppliers, their children will become your permanent clients.

Changing menu

Sticking to an organic food truck, you might be required to make changes in your menu. You do not need to make drastic changes. Think about the following:

  • Sell more salads of locally grown vegetables and fruits.
  • Offer pressed juices, smoothie instead of soda.
  • Use organic meat from local farms.
  • Make ice-cream and shakes yourself, instead of buying and selling ones with plenty of preservatives.

This changing process needs to be accurate and slow to make sure you keep your regular customers and get new clients. Offer a “healthy package” – something good, not expensive and beautifully looking!

Organic food truck equipment

Organic food truck catering equipmentFuturisto would advise you to have some additional catering equipment for your organic food trailer. You definitely will need a press juicer and a blender.

As for the rest of the menu, order usual cooking appliances – an oven, chargrill tortilla presser.

Keeping French fries as the main meal on the menu, do not forget to order a trailer with deep fryers.

For fresh and tasty grilled meat, you will need a grill. For the real Italian pizza – a good high-quality oven.

Organic food truck is a new tendency in the food market. Not many vendors have adopted this new fascinating trend yet. But many customers want organic food! Become the leader of the industry!