Traditionally, in September-October Germany celebrates Oktoberfest – food trucks for bbq checken and beer, so popular in other events, are not welcome here. In 2020, the annual festival celebrates the 210th Anniversary.

What is Octoberfest

Oktoberfest is probably the largest folk event in the world. The history takes us to the 12th of October 1820 when Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese. All the citizens of Munchen were invited to the meadow near the city to watch a horse ride and to drink beer. All the costs were covered by the King.

This celebration has not been forgotten. Opposite, the event became traditional and annual. The only exclusion when the festival did not take place was the 2nd World War. Another exclusion – 2020 due to a pandemic.

As time went by, the festival program expanded. Local farmers began organizing cattle shows. They grilled chicken and sausages. Kids could have fun riding carousels and swings.

One of the brightest events of the festival nowadays is a costume parade. This tradition came from 1835 when Therese and Ludwig celebrate the silver Anniversary. These days, over 8,000 people participate in the parade.

As for the date, in 1872 celebration was moved from October to September. Now, it starts on the 3rd Monday of September and lasts 16-18 days.

Beer and specialties

The ancient drink is a world-famous attraction of the Oktoberfest. From year to year, people come to Munchen to enjoy a drink brewed by one of six breweries. No other types of beer are allowed.

It is sold in 20 small tents and in 14 large tents. All are wooden, and no food trucks are used.

Except for the beer, people can enjoy national German food:

  • fried chicken;
  • currywursts;
  • while Munchen sausages with mustard;
  • baked fish;
  • salads of cabbage and potatoes;
  • ham;
  • pretzels;
  • glazed fruits.

All the food is cooked in front of the visitors and attract their attention with flavors and wonderful taste.

It is interesting that in the traditional Octoberfest there are no food trucks. However, there are several events with the same name in different cities in the USA. Every year, it takes place in late October, and there are many food truckers serving sausages, hotdogs, hamburgers.

Unfortunately, Oktoberfest in Munchen, Germany in 2020 is canceled. But we will look forward to seeing the 2021 festival. Maybe by that time, food trucks will become special decorations for this event, and you will have a chance to participate with your Futuristo trailer. Or buy a camper and enjoy the fest!