All the chefs, planning entering a food truck business, consider whether to buy a new or used food truck. Both options have advantages. The final choice depends mainly on the budget. But there are more factors to consider. While Futuristo builds new trailers for you, read our small analysis to make the right choice.

Why do people buy used food trucks?

New or used food trailerNew food trucks and trailers are good. They look perfect and eye-catching. They can be painted in any colour, equipped with any catering appliances. But people still buy used food trucks in Europe.

The main reason is the price. Many used food trucks are cheap and rarely cost higher than 30,000 Euro. The price includes all the cooking and kitchen equipment mounted. So, what you eventually do is you buy the trailer and pay the price you can afford.

This is an ideal world, but the reality is different. After you buy a used food truck, you would maybe see hidden defects that will need to be fixed. Some of the cooking appliances do not operate, others are dirty. Water pipes are damaged. The accumulator is dead. The body is rusted. No water, gas, or power systems. The layout is not good and does not suit your vision.

Buying a used food truck or a trailer at a low price, be ready to have the same amount of money in your pocket to make all the necessary repairs or renovations. Do not be surprised, if this sum will be equivalent to the trailer’s sales price or even higher. So, buying for 30,000 Euro, you will eventually pay 60,000 Euro. 

Some people say that a used mobile restaurant is a great option for beginners. The business entry threshold is very low, and a lucky person can start earning money at once. Unfortunately, buying a used food truck often turns into a disaster, especially for beginners. They need to survive in a hard business environment. Poor working equipment and attempts to fix it will lead to loss of enthusiasm, money, and time.

New vs old food trailers

Well, so far you’ve learned that new food trucks are more expensive. A ready unit may cost 3 times more than the old one. But there are reasons for that:

New food truck - special chassis designYou get a warranty for chassis, body, suspension system, and catering equipment.

  • In the case of a custom product, you get exactly what you want – a layout, design, kitchen appliances. Futuristo will take into account all your wishes.
  • There are more chances to get financing and enter the business you want.
  • You do not need to worry about repairs or broken equipment. 
  • The electrical scheme, water supply systems work and do not require installation, renovation.
  • Reliability and confidence.
  • It is easier to get food truck permits and licenses.

Buying a new food trailer from Futuristo, you can concentrate on creating an interesting menu, cooking best meals and serving customers in the best possible manner.

Used cooking appliances

Many people believe that acquiring a new food truck with used cooking appliances is the right choice.

You will get:

Order a new trailerBeautiful, stylish food truck.

  • Trailer’s warranty.
  • Regular assistance from the supplier.
  • Durable and reliable construction.

The mobile kitchen will look excellent from outside and will attract people passing by. However, the owner and the chef may experience problems with cooking, complying with sanitary standards. The inside layout will not be comfortable enough for daily work. Fixing all the issues will cost time and money.

With used catering equipment be ready to have a low profit because of high costs connected with repairs and renovation. 

Many Futuristo clients are confident that buying a new trailer or a food truck is the best possible option. 


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