It is up to you what food truck menu to offer your clients. Some people love national cuisine and instead of targeting such regular things as chips and burgers, cook Greek gyros, Mexican tacos, or Thai fried rice. See more ideas to develop business. 

National cuisine ideas for food tuck menu

Operating food trucks, it is not necessary to offer Spanish or Greek classic meals working in Spain or Greece. Your national menu served in other countries may lead to high interest from clients. Wrap up your trailer in a corresponding style, make sure you have all the necessary catering equipment and break the market!

Greek food truck menu

Making authentic Greek food, you will have fans all over the world. People who love meat and vegetarians – all of them will follow you.

Consider including:

  • Quesadillas with grilled chicken, tomatoes, and melted cheese.
  • Gyro made of roasted chicken served on a grilled pita with authentic tzatziki sauce, chips, and vegetables.
  • Grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs to give you an incredible flavor to enjoy.
  • Falafel balls of chickpeas, served with feta cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise. They can be wrapped in a grilled pita or served on a pfffflate.
  • Traditional salad with pieces of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, olives, feta cheese, and olive oil.
  • Greek delights – baklava, an orange cake with a romantic name porokalopita.

Promoting your business, stress that you offer the village Greek food truck menu with meals cooked per the receipts from grandparents. People would love it, especially if you use authentic receipts and organic products.

Mexican food truck menu

Another brilliant idea is a Mexican food truck menu.

The first thing you may think about is tacos. Corn crispy and soft tortillas with meat, prawns, fish, vegetables, and special sour cream will not leave anyone indifferent. or you can offer tacos with chicken breasts and pineapples, cauliflower, and pickled grapes.

The Mexican menu can also include:

  • Nachos with meat, cheese, beans, vegetables, and salsa.
  • Burritos with meat, rice, cheese, salsa, and guacamole.
  • Seasoned grilled avocado.
  • Seared chicken breast with seasoning and marinade.

For the dessert, offer dark chocolate brownies or sweet corn.

Thai food truck menu

One more exclusive idea is a Thai food truck menu. Spicy chicken wings, crispy shrimps, bbq pork skewer, or fried rice with vegetables and a chicken is not the full list of what you can cook for your clients.

We are sure that in the Futuristo trailer you can prepare and offer:

  • Yellow, red, or green curry soup.
  • Noodles with eggs, bean sprouts, broccoli, corn, basil.
  • Dumplings with minced shrimps and spices.
  • Spring rolls of fried rice paper with pork, cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, and sweet & sour sauce.
  • Coconut ice cream with sticky rice.
  • Sticky rice with mango.
  • Authentic Thai tea.

Greek, Mexican, or Thai cuisine are some of the options of the food truck menu. You can make up a Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian, American, Chinese, Korean, Belgium menu. All are in your hands. Futuristo will provide you the best trailer for the best business.