A mobile office trailer is something you and your employees would always appreciate. It has many advantages and can be used for selling tickets, insurance, souvenirs, car rental business.You can open it anywhere you want.

Technical characteristics of a mobile office trailer

Futuristo builds trailers that can be used in any sphere of business.  There are mobile restaurants and cafes, caravans and recreational vehicles.

The new initiative is mobile office trailers. You can use them for opening a ticket booth, car rental, insurance, photo, leasing services. They are good as an excursion bureau, medical booth, warehouse, or a representative office. 

Like any other Futuristo trailer, they have the following technical features that provide reliable and durable operation:

Inside, the trailer can look the way you want it. You can make a nice cute, office room or a high-tech working area.

The comfort and good working terms can be provided with:

  • Air conditioning system.
  • WC with a washing area with cold and warm water.
  • Office furniture, including bookcases, safes, tables, and chairs.
  • A comfortable area with a sofa, and a coffee table for clients.

The best models for mobile office trailers are 6000 Optima, 8000 Ultra, and a custom vehicle.

Advantages of a mobile office trailer

It has always been expensive to rent a room in an office, shopping, or entertainment center. It is the same now, but some more inconveniences have been added to this one.

  • In 2020, due to a heavy pandemic situation, it is recommended to avoid crowded places. It is easy to organize business and make sure all the hygienic requirements are met in a mobile office trailer.
  • The office can be open anywhere you need it – near shopping centers and popular entertainment areas. Bring it to a remote area, to a construction site, or an open air festival. Mobility will also allow you to work in sea and ski resorts.
  • The mobile office trailer is a nice working place for your permanent and temporary workers. It is a great alternative if you have employees working on shifts.
  • In the trailer, you can meet clients, organize meetings, store parts, consumables, and stuff to sell.

Ticket and souvenirs booth, car and apartment rental, excursion bureau, service center – these are some of the ideas for using a mobile office trailer.

Do you like the idea of a mobile office trailer?

Choose the model and order a trailer from Futuristo! 




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