A lunch food truck is a great idea for those who plan to focus on selling food during the daytime in the city center, near factories, colleges, or shopping centers. This a nice business for those who want to run a food truck business only half a day and to devote the rest of the days and evenings to children, sports, studies, or another job

Lunch food truck catering equipment

The choice of the lunch food truck cooking equipment depends on the menu you plan to offer to clients.

There are several options:

  • For a pizza food truck, an oven is required.
  • A good deep fryer is a must-have for French fries, chicken nuggets, and onion rings. These meals will make any menu diverse and interesting.
  • To offer perfect sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, order a trailer with griddles, toasters, deep fryers, burners, and cheese melters.
  • Griddles are required for cooking vegetables, eggs, pancakes. As an alternative, use a flat top grill.
  • If you plan to include grilled vegetables, a chicken, and any other meat or fish on the menu, do not forget a charbroiler. It will give your food an incredible flavor.
  • The lunch food truck is impossible without a range for frying, preparing soups, sauté, and simmering. A perfect option is an LPG burner. Based on Chef’s feedback, it is better for cooking as allows more exact temperature settings. This is what Futuristo mounts in all 4 trailer models.

Warming and cooling equipment

People want their lunch to be warm. So, irrespective to what to you sell – a soup, pasta, chips, or burgers, consider having:

  • It allows warming up food and cooking vegetables.
  • Soup warmer.
  • Dump station for French fries.
  • Countertop food warmer.

However, thinking of fresh food, make sure you have a trailer with refrigerating equipment. Futuristo trailers are equipped with 2 medium-temperature and 1 low-temperature camera. This combination is perfect for any mobile restaurant.

For salads, desserts it is nice to have a low-temperature shopping window or a countertop glass door refrigerator as well.

Food truck kitchen equipment

The mobile restaurant will pass health inspection and will be successful providing it is equipped with all the necessary kitchen equipment and furniture.

Futuristo trailers have:

  • Water supply system. Trailers can be hooked up to city water utilities. They also have tanks for drinking and wastewater – this provides autonomy.
  • Electrical system. Each food truck has wiring for connecting to city power. You can buy food truck with a diesel or petroleum genset to be able to work autonomously in any place of the world or during any event.
  • It is large enough to keep supplies clean.
  • Stainless steel countertop.
  • A wardrobe is available only in 8-m trailers. Some would think that it is abundant, but a wardrobe is a perfect place for cooks to store dresses, shoes, and some other stuff.
  • Storage shelves. Located on the perimeter, they are a must-have for each food truck.

Lunch preparation supplies

Irrespective of the focus of your mobile restaurant, you will need special equipment to prepare lunch.

The food truck checklist includes:

  • Food processer, blender.
  • Coffee machine.
  • Cutter for French fries.
  • Casseroles, pots, frying pans, and saucepans.
  • Cutting boards.
  • Knives, skimmers, ladles.

Apart from the catering and kitchen equipment listed above, you will need servicing supplies. Those are cups, plates, glasses, trays, and containers. To be successful, order high-quality stuff, keep them branded in compliance with your company brand policy.

Futuristo offers lunch food trucks for sale. You can choose standard specification or buy complete trailer.