LPG catering equipment is a perfect choice for food truck owners. It is safe, saves money, and allows cooking the best food. All the Futuristo food trailers are designed LPG system ready and can be equipped with LPG cooking appliances.  

Why LPG catering equipment

Futuristo specialists have over 15 years-experience building food trailers. We had enough time to learn what our clients are looking for efficient and easy work. This experience and knowledge are the main reason why every trailer we build is equipped with LPG catering equipment.

Buy food trailer with LPG catering equipmentThese are the main reasons why we would advise you to choose it as well:

  • Gas is cheaper than electricity. In some countries, you can use cheap power nigh tariff, but to offer your clients a fresh tasty food, it needs to be cooked right before you serve it. These games with night tariffs will not help. Cheaper resources let you sell food at a cheaper price and get higher profit.
  • Autonomy and mobility. LPG is sold in special tanks. There are plenty of places where you can order and buy it. So you can park your trailer or a food truck anywhere and keep on having gas for cooking. This helps at weddings, birthday parties, open-air festivals, and operation in remote areas.
  • Gas is safe. This is true when the whole system is well designed and installed by professionals. Futuristo sells trailers ready for LPG. There is an elaborate design that would require you just to replace tanks in time.
  • A wide choice of equipment. Modern manufacturers offer deep fryers, griddles, ovens, burners. 

A Futuristo food trailer with LPG catering and cooking equipment will let you cook perfect chips, hamburgers, hot dogs and even eggs with bacon. Your food will always be fresh and tasty.

What LPG equipment you can get

Your food truck or trailer can be equipped with any LPG catering equipment.

Food trailer with LPG deep fryerYou can choose any type of cooking appliance, manufacturer, and model. This can be something very expensive and high-class from Rational or cheap equipment from less known producers.

You can buy food trailers from Futuristo with the following LPG catering appliances:

  • Bench top twin basket LPG deep fryer made of stainless steel with adjustable thermostats.
  • LPG griddle made of stainless steel, while the plate surface is made of chrome. There are 2 cooking zones and 2 adjustable thermostats. The highest temperature is achieved very fast. The griddle is perfect for hamburgers, sausages, bacon, and other food.
  • Twin LPG cooker with adjustable thermostats. High-quality, reliable, and maybe the most wanted appliance.

This is the most frequently wanted equipment, but if you are looking for something different, let us know. We will design the food trailer in compliance with your request.

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