Futuristo trailers with Knott axles Suspension systems from Knott – Futuristo food trucks will provide a higher level of comfort and safety. Our company confirmed cooperation with the famous producer of trailers’ components and parts. Knott is a well-known German supplier of high-quality axles that assure smooth, safe towing and operation of food trucks.

Futuristo’s key idea is to build trailers using only the best parts, units, materials. The suspension system is one of the main components of our product, so the choice took a long time and a thorough analysis. Construction, compliance with our food truck design, and layout were taken into account.

We paid special attention to quality, warranty terms, operational period, parts’ availability.

Many people think that high-quality axles are redundant on food trucks. The mobile cafes are parked or towed on small distances, so, cheap parts will do the whole work. Thus, not much attention to the suspension system is paid. Understanding of axles’ role and importance comes with problems and loses owners of the trailers face.

With steel axles from Knott, Futuristo food trucks get:

  • There is no risk that fragile kitchen equipment installed inside gets broken or damaged during towing. The quality of stoves, cooking equipment, coffee machines will not be deteriorated.
  • Towing trailers on highways will not cause any issues. Delivery from a sky resort to the sea or from one town to another goes without incidents.
  • Trucks can be towed to remote construction, mining sites, open-air festivals along the poor roads. They will replace stationary buildings, drop boxes, and provide good service, an excellent menu.

Futuristo engineers and supply department specialists keep on working with the world’s best equipment suppliers, to build perfect food trucks.