Futuristo Trailer® builds food trucks per individual specifications. We use the skills and knowledge of engineers with many years’ experience to create new trailers. If you want to get used food trucks in Europe, we do not sell them. Neither we produce home-built trailers.

Futuristo has a high-tech modern factory in the centre of Europe. This is here where we build new trailers. They are stylish, comfortable, safe, and can be delivered to any place in the world. Small and large, suitable for up to 10 cooks – we build different models of food trailers

Food truck body

Futuristo uses fibreglass to manufacture bodies of trailers. It provides fuel economy up to 15% compared to other materials and high aerodynamic features. The material is light and lets a load increace. Another advantage is that t is resistant to the aggressive environment, including sunshine and seawater. 

But these are not all the advantages.

The walls of standard and custom food trailers are insulated. Thanks to this, you can use them when the outside temperature is low. The 50 mm insulator is inflammable.

The windows are made of 8 mm tempered glass. Special rollers allow opening windows easily.

A special foldable staircase is used for climbing the trucks. Special anti-slip PVC material protects from falling and slipping.

How we build food truck chassis

We build food truck chassis of stainless steel. To protect it from corrosion and increase trailer durability, Futuristo uses modern polyurethane anti-corrosion coating manufactured in Germany.

Smooth driving is assured by a Knott suspension system.

Futuristo pays special attention to trailers’ safety. The cost of food trucks in standard configuration includes:

  • High-quality drum inertia brakes.
  • Parking brakes.

The food truck construction suits successful and profitable operation in crowded areas. Must-include components are anti-vandalism protection and an electronic entry lock.

Additional equipment

To build a custom food truck, Fututristo provides a big choice of additional equipment.

We provide:

  • Stainless steel refrigerators. 

  • Stainless steel working surfaces. Suitable for installation of any type of food containers, cooking appliances.
  • Genset. Each food truck can be equipped with a 15 kW/h genset.
  • Water tanks. The volume of each is 300 l. Heating options are available.
  • Cooking equipment. We can install pizza ovens, LPG griddle, etc.
  • Exhaust hood with grease filters. It is driven by two adjustable electrical engines. 
  • Air conditioners
  • The diesel heating system.

There are ways to build a trailer cheap. One of them is you buy a standard trailer and install all the additional equipment.

Food truck design

All the trailers have a unique design.

The custom food truck can be wrapped as you want it. It can look like a serious business machine delivering lunches to banks, offices, municipal organizations. Or get a vivid funny appearance which would attract kids and their parents in parks, near the circuses and theatres.

Use your logos, brand colours, signs, menu boards, graphics to make Futuristo food truck attract more clients than your competitors.

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