People often ask Futuristo how to start a food truck business in Europe or in any other region of the world, make it profitable and growing. After several recent meetings, we have decided to issue a small manual that includes key ideas. We do believe that it will help you get a more clear idea regarding mobile cafeteria. If there are more questions, we will always answer them. If you want to know more about Futuristo trailers, we will tell everything.

Food truck business planThe food truck business checklist includes the following steps:

Make up a food trailer business plan. Consider what you are going to sell, where. Review advantages. Calculate start-up costs, earnings. Estimate profit.

Register your company and get all the necessary permissions. Open a bank account.

Choose the food truck model in Europe, design. Discuss your requirements and opportunities with us. Order cooking equipment. Advice your logo and branding ideas.

We will help you deliver the trailer to the place of operation and start selling the best bbq, pizza, hamburgers, ice-creams, pancakes, coffee, beer in the town. Promote and advertise your advantages.

Evaluate your food truck business on a regular basis. Calculate income, profit. Make corrections if necessary. Invest in buying a food truck for other purpose or location. Develop!

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