Order food truck from Futuristo. The process is simple and quick. It includes a choice of the right model, additional equipment, catering appliances, and payment and delivery terms.

The process of how to order a food trailer is simple and transparent. It includes several steps:

  • Choice of the model. The main question is the maximum quantity of cooks who will work simultaneously in the food truck. Tell us the number, and we will tell the best model of the trailer.

How to order food truckChoice of additional equipment, quantity, characteristics. To build food truck cheap, the customer may order it in a standard configuration or with minimal additional equipment. However, we can supply a fully equipped trailer. It will include refrigerators, stoves, gensets, air conditioners, exhaust systems, heaters, cooking surfaces, a grill bar, a storage room.

  • Design features. Tell us more about your dream colours, signs, logos which must be used in the exterior and interior of food trucks.
  • Confirmation of delivery terms. Our production is located in Europe, however, we can do anything to deliver food trucks near you cheap and fast. This will help you save time, money, and efforts. Our logistics company has a great experience in shipping trailers all around the world and passing customs formalities in any country.
  • Price calculation. The cost to build a food trailer depends on the design, configuration, and delivery terms. Deep discounts are possible! Let’s discuss each detail to get the best price possible!
  • Payment terms. We do our best to make sure it is comfortable for the customers to work with Futuristo. Upon ordering food trucks and signing a contract you pay a 50% downpayment. The rest amount to be paid in 3 weeks. Note that we are happy to cooperate with banks and credit agencies to work out the best possible way to schedule your payments.
  • Placing the order. The order is considered to be placed as soon as the downpayment is received. However, before that do not forget to send us the complete specification and sign the contract.

As soon as we receive your order, we start to build food truck in compliance with the identified technical characteristics! You can inspect the factory production process whenever you want! We are happy to be transparent with you.

Do not forget – you can order a food trailer with LPG catering equipment, diesel genset, and any other cooking appliances you may need for work.

If you have any questions regarding how to order food truck, contact us by telephone, e-mail or let’s arrange a personal meeting.

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