An Elegant food trailer from Futuristo gives you a chance to start the food truck business of your dream. Each model can be equipped with a kitchen and cooking appliances per your wish. Or you can buy a food truck without any equipment and arrange your mobile restaurant on your own.

We propose:

Futuristo 4 Mini

The food trailer is perfect for 1-3 working persons.

The dimensions are 4,050 x 2,440 x 3,000 mm.

The area is 9m2.

The food trailer is ideal for desserts, ice-cream, drinks, donuts, and other sweet pleasures. You can use it for serving wedding and birthday parties. The 4 m mobile kitchen is a great idea for working in parks, ski and sea resorts, and food truck parks.  

Different design ideas will help you make your food truck look nice and sweet if you sell ice-cream and desserts or hot and bright if you prefer snacks.

The next model is slightly larger and provides more opportunities. You can install more kitchen and cooking equipment, will have more inside space.          

Futuristo 6 Optima

A wonderful choice for 4-6 working persons.

The dimensions are 6,250 x 2,440 x 3,000 mm!

We recommend ordering it for a food truck business that is oriented for selling burgers, tacos, kebap, organic, or national food. It is suitable for desserts, wines and drinks as well.

Inside, there is enough space for installing griddles, chargrills, stoves, salad plots, or a wine stack.

Bring the trailer to open-air festivals, parties, food truck parks. It always will attract clients’ attention at all kinds of events, in ski resorts, water parks. This is  a good solution for a mobile restaurant business near gas stations.

Futuristo 8 Ultra

This is an optimal trailer for all kinds of food truck business.

Up to 6 working persons will feel comfortable in a 19 sq. m trailer.

The dimensions are 8,100 x 2,440 x 3,000 mm.

The choice is great if you plan to serve lunch near colleges, Universities, office and shopping buildings, factories. Dinner mobile restaurants will be successful in parks, in downtown, all kinds of resorts.

The 8-m trailer can be used for cooking and selling pizza, burgers, duners, national cuisine. You can install different cooking appliances, use custom made kitchen equipment. This will allow changing menu and offer new meals depending on seasons or holidays. 

The 8-m trailer is a universal decision for all kinds of events. They can be operated near offices, shopping centers, gas stations.