To buy a food truck or trailer is not an easy decision. You need to answer thousands of questions. Read publications, talk to people, and think hard before taking a final decision. Make sure you buy what you need.

Before buying, think of what you need – a new or used trailer, container or a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Consider your budget, licenses required, best trailer model, the right size, design, cooking equipment. There are more issues to think about, but don’t get embarrassed – Futuristo will help you make the right choice.

Business plan

The first thing to do before buying a mobile restaurant is to make a food truck business plan.

This includes:

  • Choosing a menu or at least a main focus. You may think of a pizza food truck, burger mobile restaurant, or a dessert van. 
  • Identifying the budget.  
  • Choosing a working area. This can be a private territory adjacent to a business or shopping centre, entertaining park, or a place near a factory.
  • Calculating the expected costs, turnover, and profit. Consider capital, operational and maintenance costs, expenses for advertisement, and promotion. Turnover is an amount you will get selling food. Profit is the difference between income and costs.

You can include participation in all kinds of events in your business plans. Usually it is connected with more costs, but based on our experience it will bring quite a high income as well. 

What to choose – a food trailer or… 

Based on your budget and personal preferences, you can choose the best mobile restaurant for yourself.

Food truck vs trailerYou can buy a food truck, trailer, or container. All options have advantages and disadvantages, though we believe that buying a new trailer in Europe from Futuristo will be the right thing for most of the applications and purposes.

Comparison for your consideration:

  • Old or new food trailer. Used food trucks seem cheap, but it is expensive to recover and renovate them. 
  • A food trailer vs container. Containers are designed for shipping and storage, not for food.
  • A new food truck or trailer. At first, food trucks seem to be more efficient – you can drive and park them whenever you want. But as soon as any food truck component fails, you are out of business. 

If you buy a trailer from Futuristo, you will get a mobile restaurant ready for business. All you need – tell us a size or a model you need, how the trailer needs to be equipped and designed. The order will be ready for delivery asap! We also build custom trailers.

How to buy a food truck

To buy a trailer from Futuristo, follow several steps:

  • Contact our specialists. We will discuss what you are looking for, ask questions relating a model, capacity, size, design, LPG, water, greywater, power, lighting systems, cooking equipment. 
  • Upon the discussion, Futuristo will make a commercial offer which will include technical specification, delivery, and payment terms.
  • The next step to buy a trailer is to sign a sales contract. This is an official document that describes parties’ responsibilities. For Futuristo it is to build a trailer based on the agreed technical configuration. 
  • If agreed in the sales contract, Futuristo will deliver the food trailer to the desired destination.

To buy a food trailer is an easy and quick process. Start food truck business and order trailer in Europe from Futuristo!

Get the best offer now! If you doubt what food truck to order, fill up the questionnairy, we will help you to make the right choice. 

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