Futuristo is a producer of food trucks in Europe. Our portfolio includes several models, caravans, office trailers, showrooms. The models have no analogues in the world. We build food trucks designed for all areas of life.

Futuisto trailers are perfect for your business or leisure. All the minor details to make the product as efficient and convenient as possible are thoroughly thought out.

Futuristo has its production of trailers in Europe. Engineering and design issues have always been our main focus. Production is based on the 20 years of experience, compliance with modern technologies, and usage of innovative materials. All this allows us to create and build perfect food trucks in Europe with a new aerodynamic body of a concise shape and 24 times more durability, anti-corrosion chassis. Our aspiration for a more comfortable and joyful life has led to several innovative and unique solutions for heating, air conditioning, autonomy, and increased water tanks.

Trailers’ manufacturer Futuristo builds several models, including a custom food truck, to fit your requirements in the best possible way. We create the trailer design and layout on an individual basis. So, you will be sure that there is no other such vehicle in the world, like yours! If you still doubt what food truck will fit your plans the best, fill up the questionnaire, and we will help you choose the best model. 

Safety, quality, shape, and functionality are the key features of the food trucks. The product has passed multiple factory tests. Quality and creativity are in every detail: be it a body, windows, interior, or exterior design. Special warranty terms additionally assure safe, reliable, and durable operation.

Trailers’ manufacturer Futuristo organizes their delivery to any place in the world. We will deliver trailers, mobile showrooms, food trucks near you whenever you want. The logistics team will choose the best and the quickest route.

Within the standard configuration, you will get much more for your money! FUTURISTO builds food trucks in Europe!

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