Futuristo in Horecava 2020In the middle of January Futuristo specialists visited the traditional Horecava 2020 in the Netherlands. It was the 62nd exhibition which hosted over 65 thousand hospitality and food service professionals. Meetings, presentations, seminars took place in 9 different halls, each devoted to a specific theme.

The company did not have an official stand but was able to actively communicate with the fair organizers and other participants. The purpose of the visit was to see the competitive products, to learn new tendencies in the food and catering market, to install a relationship with suppliers, and to plan participation in the next Horecava. 

Sections of Horecava 2020 were devoted to a bakery, drinks, interior, and exterior design, hospitality, and home decoration.

Futuristo as a food truck producer was especially interested in technologies represented in sections:

  • Food Mobility&Delivery. The events’ participants represented ecological and modern electric cars, bicycles, and scooters designed for food delivery. Producers to mobile kitchens and food trucks participated in the fair as well, but to our pleasure, no Futuristo analogs were presented!
  • Great Kitchen. This was a place where one could find new cooking technologies. Mirror grills, special surfaces with zonal temperature distribution were just a pike of an iceberg. One of the most incredible things was the refrigerator Dry Age. It is designed for meat dry preparation, and the result is delicious.

In Horecava Futuristo communicated with the majority of the manufacturer, and soon will be ready to build food trucks with their unique kitchen equipment.

  • The absolute trend of the 2020 fair is veganism. The producers of vegetarian food took 25% of the expo! They represented vegetable sausages, cutlets, sauces. These products look good, they are healthy and modern. Vegan trucks will be an interesting option for our clients’ business development in any part of the world.

The next exhibition will take place in the Netherlands in January 2021. Futuristo started planning participation in Horecava already now.