A new food truck in stock in Europe is ready for delivery!❗
New fully equipped 8-mm food trailer is ready for sale and delivery. It is a perfect option for a burger, pizza food truck. 

Specification of the food trailer in stock

The Futuristo 8-m food trailer has a 19 sq m internal area. This space is functionally used not to miss a thing to make your work comfortable. 
⚡ Power supply: Voltage 220V. Volume 20 KW. Electrical switchboard with a meter and protective automatics in all the circuits. 22 sockets around the perimeter. + A petroleum generator for autonomous work!
💧 Water supply: 300 l clean water tank with ❗a possibility for heating.
💦Sewerage: 300 l tank for industrial/ gray water.
💡 Lighting inside: LED lighting – 2-3 lines 6 m each. Lightning outside: LED lighting per perimeter and 4 x windows visors.
💨 Ventilation: An exhaust hood with tunnel grease traps and grease drains installed on the wall. The length of the exhaust hood is 3662 mm
🚰 Washing area: Two sinks with a faucet.
👨🍳 LPG catering equipment: grill, burners, fryer.
❄ Refrigerating equipment: low temperature freezer (1pc), medium temperature refrigerator (3pc) , volume 700 liters per pc.
🔥 Heating system: Webasto Evo.
🎵 Sound System: outside Bluetooth speakers.
👍Wardrobe and many lockers for comfort.
💎Premium Quality!


See the pictures of the trailer in stock. 

Every detail of the food truck is well-thought. The outside design is attractive and you can wrap it up per your wish in compliance with the branding policy.



The inside space of the 8-m food trailer in stock is well-used. Every inch of the countertop is occupied with high-quality catering, cooking, or service equipment. The aisle is spacious enough for up to 6-10 people. 

See how the food truck internal space is organized:

Food truck drawing

Application of the food truck in stock

The 8-m food truck is a perfect option to start a mobile restaurant business. 

You can use it as a pizza food truck, a trailer for serving burgers, tacos, lunch, or dinner. It greatly fits for open-air festivals, events food trucks.