Anyone planning to start a food truck business cometo a moment when it is time to analyze food truck costs. Accurate approach to the budget will allow you to develop and expand business. First 2 years are especially difficult.

Food truck cost calculator

It is taken for granted that food truck costs are much lower than brick and mortar restaurant opening expenses. It is so, however, if you expect that your mobile restaurant will cost nothing, you mislead yourself.

The food truck startup cost sheet includes at least several major expenses.

The price of a mobile kitchen

Look at the market – there are plenty of cheap trailers and caravans. You can buy a used food truck or a container at 10,000-45,000 Euro.

Calculate food truck cost setupHowever, do not forget about the other side of this low price – additional expenses for repair and renovation. In some cases, they are higher than the mobile kitchen price. We heard many complaints that the trailer roof is leaking, windows are broken or a door cannot be locked – repairs cost money.

Repair costs also include repainting, water, sewage, electricity and LPG system installation, replacement of the genset which does not have enough capacity.

Eventually, you may come to an amount you had not planned. It will simply destroy your plans and make you stop working searching for more investments.

Thus, Fuituristo recommends you buy new trailer. This will allow you to get what you want at an identified price without any surprises.  

The new mobile restaurant will include air conditioning, heater, autonomous LPG, water, electricity systems and a possibility to hook up to city utilities. This is the basis of your successful operation.

Catering equipment

Food truck cost breakdownWhen buying a trailer, it is more preferable to purchase it with new cooking equipment from well-known producers. 

If you buy a used food truck, it is likely that you will get some catering appliances. But think well – is it really suitable for your menu? If not, why pay for it, and then throw it away and buy something more suitable for your goals?

It is more reasonable to order a new trailer designed in compliance with your needs with the appropriate cooking equipment. Let it be a good high-quality dryer, oven, griddle, ranger or a shaker. All this costs money but eventually will save you from future expenses and losses.

Outside attractions

Maybe you did not expect it, but outside attractions are must have to draw attention to the trailer. Someone may think that TV menu, a separate stand, a couple of tables, lighting or flowers around are not required, but they create an atmosphere people love.

To arrange something beautiful is not expensive, but it brings you an additional income from the very beginning.

Administrative costs

This article includes licenses and permits. Fees and charges are different and depend on the place where you will work. They can’t be ignored as will be no business without them.

One more issue to think about is loan interest. In most of the cases, food truck starters have to take a bank or a private loan to get into the business. The interest must be taken into account from the very beginning.

Before opening a mobile restaurant, identify your vision, determine the goal you are targeting and draw up a business plan. Do not buy a small used food truck with old catering appliances just because it is cheap. If it does not comply with your vision and goals, you will lose money.

It is more reasonable to contact Futuristo, to discuss what you would like to get, and to accurately calculate all the costs. The result will be a perfect food trailer suitable for your needs and dreams.

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