A food truck or restaurant? Anyone who considers starting a food business asks this question. Indeed, both options have advantages. Food trucks and trailers are cheap and mobile. Brick-and-mortar restaurants seem to be more profitable.

What to choose – a food truck or restaurant

Before starting any business we draw up a plan. It includes actions, a budget, and an expected profit. We target specific clients and their preferences. Take into account business location, advantages, overhead, and compliance with local regulations. 

The food business is the same. Someone is ready to invest millions and hire the best chefs and keep large staff. Others prefer a small business.

Advantages of food truck vs restaurant

There are many food truck business advantages:

  • Trailers are mobile. You can move them anywhere you like. If one location seems inappropriate for business, open it somewhere else. It is complicated and expensive to move a brick and mortar restaurant.
  • Buying a trailer from Futuristo, you do not need to pay for repair or renovation. We offer complete vehicles ready for work.
  • Having realized that you do not want to be in the food truck business anymore, you can sell the trailer. Selling a Futuristo used food truck will still bring you a good income. If you decide to get rid of the restaurant, all you can win is a profit from selling furniture.
  • Many customers love street food mobile restaurants. They do not need to wait for free tables or waitresses. They do not have to listen to the noise and loud voices of people around them. It is easy to buy food and go to a park to eat it. Most people like this freedom and a personnel relationship they get from owners’ trailers and cooks.

Some more points in favour of food truck vs restaurant

Many potential mobile restaurant holders believe that all the advantages indicated above are not important. What is important is that the menu is limited; food is simpler and less refined. 

However, this statement is disputable.

  • Street food can be exquisite and gorgeous. The time when vendors in trailers served only hot dogs and hamburgers passed away. There are food trucks in Europe where you can buy salads, soups, seared meat, cheese delicacies, and perfect desserts. 
  • The other issue is income. People usually come to restaurants in the evenings to enjoy their time. Not all of them buy a lot. Economically these customers do not bring profit but occupy tables. As a food truck owner, you will have clients all day.

A food truck business is more profitable and stable in emergency situations. 

Food truck vs restaurant cost

The analysis would not be complete without comparing food trailer vs restaurant costs:

  • If you buy a complete food truckhttps://futuristo.eu/how-we-build-food-trucks/ in Europe, you would pay about 100,000 Euro. This includes all the cooking and kitchen equipment, air conditioning, water, gas, power systems, or heaters. Renting premises for a restaurant, renovation, repairs, and buying furniture would cost even more.
  • Running street food trailer, you do not have to keep a high overhead. Thus, operational costs are much less.
  • Restaurant rental costs are to be paid regularly. They are high. Food truck owners either do not pay rental fees or pay little.

These factors allow you to offer high-quality delicious food at less money. Is not what and your clients want?

If you still have doubts about what satisfies your plans and dreams the best, fill up the questionnaire, we will help you make the right choice.

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