Food trucks vs containers… Recently, the idea of using shipping containers for a street food business became popular. The prices are low and depend on quality, age, size. The cheapest dropbox costs from 13,000 Euro.

Containers are cheap, but is there a sense to use them for a food truck business? See key points and compare food trucks vs containers.

  • Mobility

To move a dropbox, you need to look for a special trailer and a crane for loading and unloading. You will also need a road police permission. In some cities, a police escort will be required. Buying a trailer will save you money and time.

You can tow Futuristo trailers anywhere you want. Hook it to a pickup or a small truck and deliver it from one place to another. They are equipped with Knott suspension system, which provides smooth and fast towing.

  • Size

The most popular models of containers are 20”, 40” with 6 and 12 m length. 

Futuristo offers 3 models of food trucks. There is also a possibility to build a custom trailer complying .to the clients’ requests. 

Thus, the production of trailers is more flexible.

  • Quality

Mobile cafeteria - food trucks vs containersOriginally, containers were designed or transportation and storage. Manufacturers produce them of stainless steel and then paint. However, containers are used for aggressive applications, soon get damaged and lose quality.

Another problem is the absence of insulation, electricity, water, air conditioning and exhaust systems required for high-quality catering.

The situation with food trailers is different. The production of trailers in Europe starts from a 3D model. The idea of food trailers’ design and construction corresponds to the application. Body fiberglass provides reliability, perfect aerodynamic characteristics, and protection against an aggressive environment. Gelcoat defends from corrosion and colour bleaching. The ergonomic layout includes electrical, watering, air conditioning, and exhaust schemes. Thanks to a well-thought heating system, trailers are perfect for work and stay in them in any weather.

  • Prices of food trucks

When calculating and comparing prices of food trailers from Futuristo and containers, you need to take into account all the minor details. Buy a new trailer, and you will get it ready for business, with electricity, water tanks and pipes, heaters, air conditioner. Per request, Futuristo can install cooking equipment.

Storage containers usually require a lot of work to be done before they get ready for operation.

Eventual pricing variance of food trucks vs containers would be about 15-20% in favour of containers. After a couple of years of operation, this figure will be easily covered with food trucks’ profit and low costs. 

If you still have doubts about what suits your dreams and plans the best, fill up the questionnaire, we will help you make the right choice.

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