There are plenty of places in the world where you can operate your food trailer. Today we would like to introduce you to the Last Exit food truck and play area. Perhaps it is the only place on Earth where among abandoned vehicles, monster trucks, and right in the middle of the post-apocalyptical world you can enjoy delicious flavors coming from various food trucks!

Food trucks in Last ExitParks, festivals, shopping, and riding centers are waiting for customers in big cities, small towns, and even remote rural areas. But Last Exit is special. It is not like any other place in the world. Quite a big number of different food trucks in Last Exit are made in the manner underlining the whole post-apocalyptical atmosphere of this area.

Last Exit is located close to Abu Dhabi, on Sheikh Zayed Rd. Do not miss it when you are there. Dive into the world of beauty, horror, and great food.

The playing area includes a lot of opportunities for fun for small and big children, as well as their parents. There is a paintball zone, Smash Room, Al Quadra Desert. Cycling in the desert, karting, Upside Down House will help you forget about stress, feel how adrenaline boils in your blood and happiness overwhelms you.

After all the emotions, adrenaline, and fun, go to food truck area and enjoy meals.

World known brands use food trucks in Last ExitThere is food for any taste. American hot dogs and burgers will make you feel like you traveled back to the last century. The taste is exactly the same. Food trailers serve Italian coffee and specialties, Indian tea, Starbucks drinks, and desserts – this is just a shortlist of things you will see and will not be able to miss. Every vendor in this park serves meals from a special funky food truck. You will not find two similar trailers.

Another good option is how you want to order and eat food. People can drive in, order, and eat their meal on the way or take it home. There are also sitting places and even restaurants where it is nice to relax and enjoy food in an unforgettable atmosphere which you could see only in the movies before.

Last Exit is a place where families, people of any age will enjoy their time at a full rate! If you do not believe how good it is, visit the place yourself.

And this is a great chance for you to start food truck business and develop it. Contact Futuristo to discuss details. We would be happy to advise you on some ideas and build a food truck for you.