Food truck strategies how to attract clients will help you make the business more successful, profitable, and better known. Futuristo is happy to offer you several business tactics. Do not ignore them – customers are very important.

Requirements for a food truck

Your mobile restaurant must be attractive, look neat and beautiful. Dirty food truck bodies, dim colors, or discolored signs create an impression of decline and neglect and make people go away. So, watch how your mobile kitchen looks like. Beautiful outside design is one of the food truck strategies how to attract clients, and this is where Futuristo can offer a good solution.

A reliable body made of strong materials and bright colors will always keep the external view on the highest level.  

Have the people know about you

In the usual world, only those clients, who live around or pass by your food truck, would know about you. But what about those whose way lies on the neighboring street or those who travel to your city and wants to enjoy good lunch?

Advertisement and socializing is a key to success. Post the menu in social networks, create groups in messengers, and expand the number of subscribers. Use services that accumulate information about street food, traveling, and business.

Make sure your publications always keep the updated information, including discounts, special offers, and an updated menu. Even your address, telephone, and e-mail should be thoroughly checked before publication.  

Participation in events

Festival, competitions, celebrations, and parties always attract clients. These events offer fun and a good time. So, try and participate in as many of them as possible. There is also a possibility to organize something yourself. In his case you will not need to pay fees, can strictly control the budget, and hold the event in a way you want.

The events can be combined with special offers, discounts, contests, or an unusual menu.

Let your clients customize their order

One of the main food truck strategies is based on the fact that all the people have different tastes. Ordering burgers, kebaps, or hot dogs, they want different sauces and additives. Some love cucumbers, others – tomatoes, or pickles. Your food truck menu should take all this into account. Offer 2-3 main courses and make them different using food additives. It is easier and cheaper than to offer many different types of meals.

The sample is:

  • Cheeseburgers;
  • Burgers with a meat cutlet;
  • Vegetarian burger.

Based on these 3 options, it is easy to make 10 or more meals. Hawaiian burgers will go with pineapples, Asian – with hot or sweet and sour sauce; for Mexican add corn and spices. Bright names will make your menu and the food truck attractive for clients. It will seem that you offer a lot, but in fact – you propose one and the same thing just making slight changes.

This mobile restaurant strategy will save you money:

  • You will not need many types of housing appliances. Refrigerating equipment, water and greywater system, a grill, a burner, a deep fryer, and a toaster with a melter will do most of the work. 

  • It will allow buying a smaller trailer. For instance, a 6-m trailer from Futuristo instead of a larger restaurant.
  • There is no need to buy many different products for main courses. Additives and sauces usually keep well for a long time.

Offer different alternatives

This food truck business tactic may sound contradictory to the previous one, but this only a vision. Something different means a different approach. Proposing burgers, including usual meat products as well as vegetarian or special options for kids.

This will allow attracting a wider range of people, including those who still believe that food truck is equal to fast food only.

There are many food truck strategies how to attract clients. We listed some, but note that the main one will be based on your love and admiration for your business and customers. People feel special attention and appreciate it.