There are many options for using food trucks. You can buy them to sell street food. Another option is to develop a food truck rental business. Indeed, it is a good alternative to buy trailers to rent them to beginners.

Why people would rent a trailer from you?

Food truck Ultra 8000 at a special priceThe fact is that most of the people who want to start a food truck business are not ready to buy a trailer. They want to see how the business would develop, whether it will be successful and where it will lead to. There are concerns about what to buy – a used food truck, a container, or a new trailer.

Rental is a good opportunity to solve all these doubts. You can rent a food truck or a trailer for 6-12 months and in case of success eventually buy new one.

Another market for a rental is an event industry. Agencies and events’ organizers rent them for a short time – from several hours to several days.

Think how often residents of your town arrange birthdays, beautiful weddings, graduate parties, team-buildings or open-air festivals. Renting a food truck is a good solution for them.

What to offer for rental

There are two approaches of what you, as a trailer owner, can offer for rental:

Food truck rental vs buyingA food truck or trailer with or without catering appliances. Customers will paint it per their wish, place logos, and customize cooking equipment. The idea is good for clients who know what they want, have a specific plan or a business vision. Lessees will have several advantages – the trailer will have a low initial cost. They do not need to take care of getting licenses, passing health inspections. No need to take care of choosing cooking appliances. Most of the customers are serious and business-oriented. The offer is good for long-term food truck rental. Monthly income is stable, though probably is not as high as desired.

  • A mobile kitchen concept. This offer includes a branded fully equipped trailer. The menu is usually set up and well-known to clients. This option is really good for Chefs who only try themselves in a food truck business. It gives them a chance to feel where they can develop and grow. Another type of customer – event agencies. They organize holidays, parties, weddings, fests. In some cases, they ask for a food truck rental with a Chef.

Long-term or short-term food truck rental

A lot of food truckers are interested in long-term mobile kitchens rental. They get used to them, make minor repairs, maintain catering equipment. 

Food truck rental costThis long-term trailer rental is profitable for both parties:

  • The mobile kitchen’s owner gets a permanent income. There is no need to search for new customers.
  • The rental fee is affordable for renters. They do not need to have much money in the pocket to invest in the business but still get stability.
  • Renters do not keep mobile restaurants in their accounting books, thus, there are no extra taxes;
  • It might be a reasonable option for renters to mount their own catering equipment. Food truck rental costs in this case will be lower. After the rental contract is complete, they can dismount it and install on a new trailer or sell it.

Short-time food truck rental may eventually bring higher income. However, it is not stable. There is no guarantee that trailers will be rented regularly.

Mobile kitchens offered for short-term rent are equipped with catering appliances. This is a perfect option for the people who only make the first steps in business. They do not need to waste time searching for cooking equipment and spend extra money on buying it.

There is another advantage for renters as well. The lessees usually take care of getting all sorts of permits and licenses.

Food truck rental business will allow you as a trailer’s owner get a permanent income without cooking or selling food themselves. You do not need to be a Chef to be in this business!