Receiving food truck permits is one of the major issues in the mobile restaurant business. The list of licenses depends on the location. So, if you decide to open a food truck business, contact the local municipality/ administration.

However, if you plan to move to another location, or open a mobile cafe in another place, you will be required to collect a different set of documents.

Municipality registration

Getting food truck licensesGetting a food truck permit is impossible without registering your business in a local municipality. Take care of visiting it at least a month before the time you want to start operation. This excludes the time you need for company registration.

The municipality checks and confirms that your business complies with the local and state laws. In most of the countries you will need to visit several institutions to get everything approved. 

This step is extremely important.

The authorities are to check:

  • Compliance with hygienic regulations;
  • Drinking water system;
  • Greywater/ waste system;
  • Electrical system compliance;
  • Gas equipment requirements compliance;
  • Choice of locations where the food trailer can be operated;
  • Payment type;
  • Assortment.

Note that not only the business, but also a vehicle you use must be registered.

Mobile food trailer license for trading

How to get food truck permitsApart from getting approval from the municipality, you will need to get a trader’s license. This document is required in all European countries. It gives a right to use a specific marketplace and identifies on what terms you can use it.

There are 3 types of food trailer permits:

  • Seasonal marketplace. For example, selling Christmas gifts in the downtown. 
  • Temporary marketplace. Acquire it for a specific time.
  • Permanent marketplace. Will need this if you plan to work in one place for a long time.

Food truck license – alcohol

Unfortunately, if you plan to sell wine, beer, cider, you will need to get a separate license for your food truck in Europe.

Learn more details in the licensing and catering legislation accepted in your country.


Each country has special requirements for trailer parking.

The food truck distance to the closest restaurant in the USA should not be less than 200 m. In Canada, the standard requirement is 100 m. Less distance is possible subject to the restaurant owner’s permission.

There are no issues with parking in private areas.

Cost of food truck permits

The cost of food truck permits depends on several factors:

  • Fees identified by local authorities.
  • Permits you need.
  • Different locations for which you are getting a food trailer business license.
  • Whether you prepare the documentation and apply for licenses yourself or hire a lawyer.

What else to think about

Before you start your food trailer business, think of the following:

  • Any cook working for you, need to have a special certificate and medical commission approval.
  • Driving a trailer requires a BE, C, C1 driving licenses. 
  • The products must be certified. 

Update all the food truck permits on a regular basis. With Futuristo trailers it will be easy. All the surfaces can be easily cleaned. All the fire suppression and other safety regulations are met.

When you do not need permits

If you plan to work on a territory of private shopping and entertainment centres, you do not need trailer permits. They are not required for operation on open-air festivals, music events, and special food truck parks.

You still need to be sure that your business is registered and that the cooking process complies with hygienic requirements.

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