There are many ideas to develop trailer’s business. Futuristo believes that many of them can help you get profit and succeed. One of them is to operate your vehicle in a so-called food truck park, area, or even develop it. The key to this concept is to gather several trailers in one place and offer various meals to visitors.

Such food truck areas are open in Europe, Saudi Arabia, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Apart from enjoying wonderful meals, they offer swings, rides, possibilities to visit a circus, meet with friends, or spend a good time with families.


  • The list of permits is limited mainly to sanitary and business certificates which is very convenient;
  • Low business entry threshold;
  • Quick return of investments;
  • Low rental fees;
  • Great development opportunities.
  • These places are good for open-air festivals, parties, celebrations.

And the main advantage – people come to food trailer areas to spend money, so be there to satisfy their wishes.

You can offer any meals or types of cuisine in parks of food trucks in France, Germany, Poland, USA, UK. Vegetarian menu, bbq, pizza, hamburgers, desserts, coffee, fresh or tea – the choice is yours. Futuristo can build any trailer for you.

Enjoy food truck park - Last Exit

The most famous areas

  • Last Exit in Dubai;
  • The Food Truck Park in Australia;
  • Truckarnia Food Truck Park in Poland;
  • Kuala Lumpur.

For many people these are just words, but here are some statistics:

  • In some big cities, there are even several such parks. Go to Austin, Texas, USA, for instance. Visit The Picnic, South Congress Food Truck Park, Mueller Trailer Eats, 5000 Burnet, University Co-Op Food Court, Thicket Food Park, St. Elmo Public Market Food Truck. Seven areas in one city and around!
  • Over 1000 food trailers licenses have been issued in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, Malaysia.

If there is no such a food truck park in your town, it is the right time to start this business!

Contact Futuristo to discuss the opportunities to order a trailer and see the advantages of buying a new one compared to the used food truck in Europe.