Which is the best for your business – a food truck or trailer? Both options are perfect for cooking and selling hamburgers, pizza, shakes, or coffee. You will see food trucks and trailers in cities, resorts, or in open-air festivals. But seeing them does not mean clearly understanding advantages, disadvantages, and hidden issues. So, Futuristo is happy to present to you a deep analysis of food truck or trailer pros and cons.


Food truck or trailerOne of the main points you need to pay attention to comparing food trucks and trailers is the size. Food trucks have less working internal width and length. In the market, there are new food trucks and old rebuilt vehicles, buses, and trucks. In any case, some part of the internal space is occupied with a cabin, engine, transmission, and other components.

Futuristo builds trailers of different sizes. We offer 4, 6, 8-m, and custom models. The whole internal space is designed to be a mobile kitchen. A trailer that has the same outside dimensions as a food truck, would fit more cooks and more catering equipment. There is a larger storage space for food, products, kitchen furniture.

So, from the point of view of dimensions and the internal space, food trailers have more advantages.


Mobility is the main advantage of food trucks. Start the engine and go! All you need is a driving license and insurance.

To move a Futuristo food trailer to another location, you need to have a towing vehicle. Hooking a trailer takes a couple of minutes. Transportation is quick and easy. The only thing to consider is to get insurance for the trailer and the towing vehicle.

Emergency situations

Food truck or trailer which is betterThe mobility of food trucks plays a bad joke with their owners. Any engine, transmission, ignition system failure takes the food truck owner out of business.

Trailer’s owners would never have such issues. The trailer is parked where it is operated. In the case of transportation, a towing vehicle is used. If one is broken, another one can be hired quickly.

From this perspective, food trailers definitely have more advantages.

Operational issues

Excellent operational opportunities is an important advantage of food trailers. Newly produced mobile kitchens have a well-thought organized engineering system.

Trailers are equipped with:

  • Water tanks for pure water and sewerage, as well as pipes for hooking to a city network.
  • The electrical system includes cables for the city power connection and a diesel or gasoline genset with a soundproof enclosure (per request).
  • LPG catering system
  • Exhaust system. A properly designed system provides comfortable working conditions.

Individual appearance

Both food trucks and trailers can look great and professional. Bodies can be painted in any colour or have a graphics wrap. A logo can be placed wherever the owner wants it.

Professional appearance is a result of a branding strategy. Make up a brand, have all your trailers comply with it, and your mobile restaurant will be popular in any place of the world.


Price is a key issue. Trailers are less expensive than food trucks. If comparing new vehicles, you can get to a 50% price variance. A used food truck comparing to a new trailer might be cheaper, but recovery and renovation may require higher investments.

What to buy – a food truck or trailer – all vendors decide themselves. Futuristo trailers have many advantages and can be operated in any conditions. You can select the model you like, order any kitchen and catering equipment. If you still have doubts, fill up the questionnaire, we will help you make the right choice.  

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