Food truck operating costs are important for a successful business and must always be taken into account. These expenses include parking fees, insurance, health inspections’ charges, fuel, gas costs, employees’ salaries, and products.

Operating costs

Food truck operating cost spreadsheetAfter you open your mobile restaurant, you will carry regular operational costs.  Their value depends on the country and location. Stil, you need to prepare a food truck cost calculator to win.

The trailer and food truck cost spreadsheet includes:

  • Power bills. The value depends on the kW price in the city where you work. If the majority of cooking appliances are LPG driven, these expenses will be less. 
  • Water bills. You can hook up a Futuristo trailer to a city water supply system and pay bills based on the corresponding rates. In some cases, you will buy water at commercial or individual rates.
  • Greywater. Sewerage expenses are monthly if you work on the same place and have your mobile kitchen hooked to a stationary utility. During events and festivals, you will pay daily.
  • Costs for gas in case you use LPG catering equipment.
  • Diesel and gasoline. Bills depend on whether you use gensets or Webasto heaters.
  • You will work with credit cards, just because your customers want you to. It is you or the client will pay the interest.
  • Products for cooking. Note that working in a franchise business, you will be required to buy food from your commissaries without an opportunity to control prices.

It does not matter whether you pay your food truck operating costs on a daily, monthly or annual basis, keep them all in mind and on paper to get a right approach to the budget calculation.

With professional mobile kitchens from Futuristo your expenses will not be high.

Administrative costs

Above mentioned expenses are connected with daily work. However, food truck business requires administrative costs as well.

Food truck operating costsWe will list some of them:

  • Rental fees. 
  • Employee’s salaries. This article depends on how many cooks work in the food van.
  • Accounting and legal costs. 
  • Taxes. 
  • Trailer and business insurance. 
  • Telephone and internet.
  • Advertising costs. 

Maintenance costs

Another main article in the mobile restaurant books includes maintenance costs. They might be high for food trucks. As for trailers, they are very low.

Food truck maintenance costsFor Futuristo trailers these food truck expenses are:

  • Checking and lubricating the hitch;
  • Checking suspension system, lubricating, replacing parts with signs of excessive wear;
  • Maintaining LPG equipment, heater, Webasto per the producer’s schedule;
  • Checking and pumping tires;
  • Making sure there is no damage caused to the chassis, body, other components after a trip, storms, accidents.

Futuristo provides a detailed maintenance schedule and recommendations in the operational manual. Providing the trailer is served in time and maintained per the schedule, there are minor expenses and no need for repairs.

For people who are new in the mobile restaurant business it is difficult to predict all the food truck operating costs they will have. Contact Futuristo – we will help you to get all the numbers together and make a food truck cost calculator.

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