Often, it is not enough to buy a food truck to have the business develop. To attract customers and to make yourself different from other mobile restaurants, you will need special food truck marketing tools. Some cost money, others are free.

Before we start listing the tools, note that the key to the success is branding. It needs to be carefully chosen and strictly followed.

Advertise your URL

Your website, if well-supported, is a great food truck marketing tool. This is where you can publish all the information about promotions, menu, or events.

The URL must be indicated and published in social media accounts, and in all the publications and articles you have.

These are some of the places where you can put the website address on:

  • Truck wrap;
  • Business cards;
  • Letterhead;
  • Accounting documents, including receipts and invoices;
  • Presentation materials;
  • Bags, containers, and cups, other disposable tableware;
  • Giveaways;
  • Personal and business e-mail signature.

This method works only if the website is well-supported and updated on a regular basis. If not, people feel dissatisfaction and leave, losing interest to your business.

Cooperate with clients

Build a good and friendly relationship with your clients. A polite and good attitude to the customers, as well as tasty food, will motivate them to come back to you. Being satisfied, they are also ready to tell others about your mobile restaurant.

Other alternatives :

  • Motivate your clients to leave feedback in different applications, forums, and special blogs devoted to food and traveling. Put it everywhere where the name of your food truck is published.
  • Open a feedback section on your website and on social network pages. This is the place where your clients can share their experiences.
  • Organize events or participate in those organized by others. Food truck and open-air festivals are great opportunities where people can learn about you.
  • Hold competitions, contests, and let the winner get a free burger or a free pizza.
  • Offer discounts to clients bringing friends.
  • Work out an application that will help you communicate with clients and meet their needs.
  • Ask clients for their e-mail and send regular newsletters with promotions, news, discounts.

Use promotion tools

Among these food truck promotion tools, there are billboards, ads in newspapers, TV commercials, etc.

Do not ignore modern technologies:

  • Promotion in Google, Bing, other search systems, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Identify hashtags and use them to increase the recognizability of your business;
  • Link different sites to your website;
  • Make up a promotional package on the website, offer discounts.

In any advertisement, post, or article use new and unique pictures. They must be bright and attractive. Marketing research shows that pictures are the key factor in attracting people’s attention. All Futuristo trailers have an individual and beautiful appearance, and will always look great.