Before entering a trailer business, you surely will consider what food truck market to target. Specialists talk about 3 market sectors. These are entry, middle and high markets. They are focused on different customers.

Entry market

Entry market food truck conceptFood truck in this market sector is designed for selling hot dogs, hamburgers, chips. The focus is on average class customers, students, pedestrians passing by. For chefs and his partners, this business is the first step in career development or a family tradition.

These are mainly small independent businesses not included in any network. The owners do not buy a franchise, use their menu, and buy raw products from the sources they chose.

The majority does not accept credit cards and works only with cash. So, it is hard to calculate daily turnover and income.

Based on some researches, the lowest monthly food truck business income is about $ 5,000, while the highest is $ 16,000.

In general, the entry food truck market is a great opportunity for those who only enter this type of business and prefer independence.

Middle food truck market

Middle market - food trucksThe menu of these food trailers is more diversified. Mobile cafes are parked near shopping centres, offices, or territory around factories. The menu includes fast food and local specialities. In some cases, custom orders can be completed.

This business can be independent, however, a big share of trailers’ owners buy a franchise. This includes some special advantages and disadvantages. Brands are usually well-known. Clients come to eat what they know and order what they like. Cooking control is high. Prices are higher than in the entry market range. This type of business is good for beginners and experienced vendors.

The owners are more willing to install credit card machines, so the income is more obvious. In the US about 60% of orders are paid with credit cards.

The average income of the middle food truck market is $ 6,000 – $ 14.000. 

High Market

High market food truckThis is one of the most interesting sectors of the food truck business. People say that in some cases food ordered from these trailers is better than in high-class restaurants. There are hamburgers, pizza on the menu, but they are so perfectly prepared, that it is hard to forget them soon.

It is not surprising – chefs from famous local restaurants often look for independence and choose food trucks as an alternative business. The high market mobile cafeteria is one of the best alternatives.

Another reason why these food trailers are so highly valued is that some restaurants use food trucks to expand their business. Bets receipts and products, perfect design, professional Chefs – the result will be amazing.

There are higher costs in the high market food truck business, but the turnover is not bad either. In US, the monthly food truck business income in this sector is from $ 20,000 to $ 60,000.

Whatever food truck market you choose, welcome to Futuristo and order a trailer. Perfect layout and design along with high-quality cooking equipment will help you realize any ambitious purpose.


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