Talking about food trucks, we can go far away to history. However, for us, is it more interesting how food trucks and trailers developed as a technology and business. So, we would like to share some historical facts with you.

So, we invite you for a walk through the food truck history and the first American and European trailers and vehicles.


Most of the facts related to the mobile restaurant history take us to the USA.

Food truck in USAThe first street food sellers appeared in the 17th century, mostly in the Eastern part of the US. They used regular push vans. The idea of selling food from push vans became very popular, the number of vendors has considerably increased. And so, in 1861 New Amsterdam (New York) authorities started to regulate vendors’ activities and introduced several laws.

Push vans had been used for quite some time. A breakthrough in the food truck business was at the end of the 19th century. Charles Goodnight attached a chuck box to the back of a horse-drawn army wagon, mounted several shelves inside, and installed a water tank. This mobile van was used for cooking and selling salted meat, beans, biscuits, coffee. The first dinner is said to be served in 1872.

Later, in 1936 Oscar Mayer represented a first mobile hot dog café. In the 1950s, the first ice-cream vans built based on motorized vehicles appeared in large and small American cities.

The idea of using trailers for street food became so popular, that in the late 1920s in Los Angeles, Wally Byam organized a company known today as Airstream. Starting from the production of several trailers per year, in 2016 Airstream was building up to 72 campers and mobile restaurants a week.

Today, the US food truck market is probably the biggest in the world. New trailers and used food trucks can be purchased in any part of the country at any price.


During the Second World War, factory workers in England did not have time for a lunch break. Volunteers traveled in mobile catering vans around large cities to serve meals and traditional tea.

The idea of mobile restaurants did not die after the war has been over, and today England is one of the leading countries in the food truck business. Vendors buy new and used trailers, sell hamburgers, pizza, Asian, Italian and traditional meals.


First food trucks in Belgium were noticed after the Second World War. They were used selling snacks and drinks, during football matches.  Nowadays, you will see plenty of mobile cafes offering Belgium waffles and drinks and can visit bright and interesting food truck festivals.


One of the first food trucks in Europe appeared in Marseille, France. These were pizza food trucks, and their birthday is connected with Jean Meritan, also called a Pizza Man. In 1962 he mounted a wood-fire pizza oven on a truck. The idea became so popular, that by 1966 only in Marseille the number of food trucks and trailers has reached 25 units!


The market for food trucks in Germany also has its own history and bright moments. The history tells that the first food truck was built by Max Hertel, a local farmer. He used to sell poultry in a local market, but in 1967, supermarkets started selling frozen meat at lower prices.

While most of the farmers lost money, Mr. Hertel purchased an old Volkswagen bus, mounted a grill, and started offering grilled chicken. The product became popular, and soon the ex-farmer entered the business of building his own trailers and cooking appliances. Hertel trailers and catering equipment can be found all around the world now.


There are many food trucks and trailers manufacturers in Europe, the USA, and Asia today. They provide campers and street food vans for business and traveling for any budget. Irrespective of this, there are many people who build mobile restaurants themselves. They buy used food trucks, school buses, ambulance vehicles, renovate them, and use for mobile truck business.


Food trailers from FuturistoHome-made food trucks can be a good idea. However, to bring them to the perfect state, you must have a lot of knowledge, experienceб and be ready for much work. Owners of trailers need to build water, electricity systems, and work out an LPG scheme. This takes time and money.

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