A food truck franchise is a new initiative from Futuristo. This concept gives great opportunities to expand business for well-known brands and to start something new for beginning businessmen. There are many advantages and opportunities.

Food truck franchising

The idea of franchising is well-known. Large brands sell their licenses to small or new companies who would like to start a new business or modify the existing one. By this, so-called franchisors allow to sell their products, offer their menu, and use their name.

Among the largest franchisors in the restaurant business, there are McDonald’s, Starbucks, Yam! Brands, Dunkin’s Brands. In the USA, Australia, European countries there are road cafes, restaurants, food trailers selling meals under these famous brands.

Less known chains are more popular in local markets. World-known brand licenses are expensive. At the same time working with local companies is more affordable and sometimes more profitable. Local people in most of the countries love their food and respect businesses organized by their neighbors and co-citizens.

One of the best opportunities to develop mobile cafeteria business is to use a food truck franchise concept.

Futuristo concept

Taking franchising opportunity into account, Futuristo offers not just an idea, but the all-inclusive business package.

Futuristo food truck franchise conceptThe package includes:

  • A license from a famous company/ restaurant to open a well-known brand mobile cafeteria;
  • A trailer designed in compliance with the requirements of the franchisor. The vehicle will have a logo, proper branding. It will also be equipped with all the necessary kitchen and cooking equipment. Choosing a franchise from a pizza restaurant network, you will get a trailer with a special pizza stove, refrigerators, comfortable plots, cold and hot water. Preferring a coffee truck, you will get a vehicle with an espresso machine, pancakes plots, donuts fryer.

The Futuristo concept of a food truck franchise is clear, beautiful and ready to work. 

Franchisee’s advantages and disadvantages

Even a ready concept causes many questions. You can’t just buy a franchise. There are advantages and disadvantages you need to think through. The food trailer’s business plan must include all of them.

Advantages of a food truck franchise:

  • Buying a ready business. No need to spend time and recourses to look for an idea, to solve a whole bunch of large and minor issues.
  • A well-known brand. People will not be scared of a new format or a new menu. They will come to you because they love what you sell.
  • Costs are well-predicted. The price of the whole package is pre-determined. No surprises and extra-costs.
  • Return of investments. If the new business for some reason does not work, you can rebrand or reequip the trailer, use it for other purposes or sell it. Eventually, you return the investments. In the situation with a stationary restaurant, you invest money in the property which belongs to others. There are huge costs for renovation, rental, and eventually, you literally lose all this money.
  • Lower operational costs. There are no or low rental costs. You do not need to hire many cooks, waiters, cleaning personnel, buy furniture.
  • If the place you chose does not bring the planned income, you can always move the trailer to any other place.
  • Good coverage. In the modern world, many people do not have time to eat in restaurants. Knowing that your food and drinks are good, comply with all the hygienic regulations, they will buy them on their way to work, home, for lunch.

There are not many disadvantages to a food truck franchise. The main one is a comparably high license fee. The price depends on the brand. However, you can solve the issue by choosing a franchisor that offers a cheaper license.

Another issue is control arranged by the franchisor. In some cases, you must strictly follow their rules which means some limitations. Of course, this is a disputable issue, and sellers are often ready for a compromise.

Franchisor’s advantages and disadvantages

Food truck business alternativesSelling a food truck franchise brings several advantages for franchisors as well.

These are some:

  • More opportunities to extend and diversify business;
  • Larger coverage;
  • A possibility to increase company capital.

The main disadvantage franchisors face is the possibility to lose its name due to inappropriate services provided by franchisees. Still, this is controllable and as soon as see any sign of indecency, the license can be withdrawn.

To learn more about food truck business opportunities, contact Futuristo. We will offer ideas, concepts, trailers.