During Horecava 2020. Futuristo had business meetings with different companies. The purpose of these meetings was to choose reliable suppliers who can become our long-term partners. And now we chose one of the best food truck flooring producers.

Advantages of the food truck flooring

The choice was based on several parameters:

Food truck flooring Perfect quality. We paid special attention to durability, hardwearing, and resistance to aggressive and permanent impacts. The best food truck flooring keeps the form under the pressure of heavy kitchen equipment and permanent pressure.

  • Mats are 1 cm thick. This, a special interlock system, and a good adhesive provide excellent waterproof characteristics.
  • Non-slip surfaces. Slippery surfaces cause high risks for cooks to be injured. That is why we chose a floor with a special non-slip cover. It will provide safety and prevent accidents.
  • Modern design. The floor makes trailers look beautiful and modern. This is due to the different colors of tiles and welding seams. The tiles can be supplied in anthracite, black or gray. The seams can also be blue, yellow, red or green. This rich choice of colors provides interesting food truck flooring ideas.
  • Heat insulation. The floor is warm and comfortable even when the outside temperature is low.
  • Sound insulation. The material is known with high sound and noise insulation features.
  • Compliance with HACCP. This means full correspondence to health, hygienic standards, and approval for the HORECA restaurant segment. The trailer floor is easy to clean. It is resistant to aggressive chemicals. 
  • Compliance to ecological standards. The material is reusable and after many years of operation, it can be used for a new production.

The best food truck flooring Futuristo uses also must be non-flammable and non-odor absorbing.

The main purpose of Futuristo is to build perfect food trucks. That is why every detail, irrespective of its location, must have the best quality and view. We believe that this will allow for satisfying the demands of our customers. So, we choose the best components and suppliers to offer the best trailers.