Food truck design and construction are the two features Futuristo always was keen about. We build trailers that are safe and perfect for business. They attract the attention of people around, call for a cup of coffee, a juicy hamburger, or a flavored pizza.

All the construction details are well-thought-out. Building trailers in Europe, Futuristo uses unique trailer production technologies and modern materials. Fiberglass provides perfect aerodynamic features, fuel economy, and resistance to the aggressive environment. The food truck suspension system assures smooth driving and helps avoid damaging catering equipment.

Neither we have forgotten about such minor details as outside lighting, ladders, and towing hooks. They all make construction perfectly suitable for everyday operation and pleasant work.

Futuristo thoroughly selects catering equipment. Only the best producers of gensets, stoves, and burners become our subcontractors. Internal comfort is provided with a high-quality air conditioning system and heaters.


Some of the kitchen equipment we build ourselves. This gives us a chance to apply our knowledge, technologies, and expertise. We pay special attention to refrigerators and freezers:

Special painting technology is a key issue in food truck design. The manufacturer uses a gelcoat that provides bright beautiful colours. The result is so good, that owners of trailers never complain about corrosion, or the impact of low temperatures, seawater, rain, or other atmospheric phenomena.

You can use trailers for any business. They are good for resorts, open-air festivals. You can sell coffee, bbq, chips, drinks in big cities, small towns. Use them for mobile offices and restaurants.

Call Futuristo, and we will tell you in more detail how we build food trucks. We will share advantages, tell you about all the minor issues you are interested in.

Welcome to the Futuristo world of food truck design and construction!

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