Food truck design and layout is an important part of the cooperation between Futuristo and clients. Modern technologies and interesting ideas create real artwork. We keep the food truck design in line with a company brand.

Food truck design outside

Beautiful food truck design from FuturistoThe key to the perfect food truck design is a proper coating. It protects bodies from destruction, corrosion, and bleaching. Also, it helps make trailers bright, attractive, and recognizable among competitors.

Futuristo uses special gelcoat technology for bodies. This high-quality finish is based on the epoxy resin and is ideal for fiberglass. It provides a strong, stable coating resistant to aggressive conditions. Gelcoat protects surfaces from seawater, hard rains, snow, and storms. Not to be unfounded, it is used for such applications, as sea ships and icebreakers.

The epoxy is coloured to comply with a food truck branding concept and to attract the attention of people. 

The main advantage of Futuristo food trucks – we use only high-quality gel coat and follow the coating and printing technology in the minor details. Thus, customers can be sure that trailers will look perfect for many years.

Food trailer branding

Proper colours and good outside view are inalienable parts of food truck branding. Another important component is the logo. It must have correct proportions, be visible, recognizable.

Futuristo offers different ideas for placing logo to food trucks:

  • High –quality white and colourful tape for placing logos on bodies. We carefully check proportions, colours, and follow them scrupulously. Letters, drawings are added on one side of the body or all around. 
  • Futuristo can mount special constructions for indicating company name and logo. These constructions are large and visible.

Consider using dishes, napkins with logos. Let the image of your food truck be complete. Your clients will remember you and come back!

Additional touch 

To attract more clients, your food trailer must look interesting. It should make people be curious about what you offer. Perfect design, bright colours, interesting pictures should create an appetite.

These are some ideas of the food truck design:

  • Use graphics, symbols with hamburgers, bbq, pizza, ice-cream, coffee, or hot chocolate.
  • Install a lighted menu board. 
  • Use TV sets. Let it show the best meals you produce. Make people want your food!
  • Install additional lighting or plant flowers. It will create a cozy atmosphere.

Ask Futuristo for ideas and suggestions. Tell us about your view, and we will create a perfect food truck design concept.