Have you completed all the formalities necessary to buy a food trailer from Futuristo? Congratulations! Now the main issue is towing the trailer. Futuristo is happy to provide some pieces of advice on how to make this process easy and safe.

Preparation for towing

There is a special course in driving schools devoted to food trailer towing. We would make just several notes that seem crucial to us from the point of view of safe driving.

Towing preparation checklist:

  • When connecting the trailer to the towing vehicle, make sure you follow the hitch’s manufacture recommendations.
  • The connection of a trailer to the vehicle must be implemented on a steady even surface. Avoid slopes. If you feel that the surface is not even enough, use wheel chocks and put them under every wheel.
  • All the windows, hatches, and entrance door must be locked.
  • Parking and turn signals need to be in a working state.
  • Tires should have proper pressure. The wheel nuts are to be tightened.
  • Water hoses, electric, LPG cables are to be disconnected. If there is a genset inside, please check that all the electric equipment is switched off.
  • Grey and clean water tanks should be emptied. The gasoline tank needs to be empty as well.
  • Take the LPG bottle away. Do not leave it in a box.
  • Neither pets nor people are allowed inside. The food trailer is not a passenger vehicle.
  • If you have dishes, loose objects, or food inside, they all must be taken away. During transportation, they can fall down and damage the inside part of the trailer.
  • The refrigerators, shelves, and wardrobes must be empty.

It is important to make sure that weight limits are not exceeded and the weight is properly distributed.

Trailer towing tips

During transportation, the driver must drive carefully, watching speed limits and not exceeding 90 km/h.

When the road turns, or a heavy truck/ bus passes by, there is a risk of swaying and fishtailing. In such situations, it is necessary to drive especially carefully.

Driving along a freeway, assure that a distance between your towing vehicle and a vehicle in front of you.

Moving backward, try to move to the left – it is safer. Watch surroundings.

Park the trailer on a steady surface. Use jacks and in some cases wheel chocks for parking.

These are some of the trailer towing tips. Use them for safe driving and successful business. Contact us if you have your tips or questions.