How to finance food truck business? Where to get money to buy a food truck or a trailer and to cover costs for the business’s first steps? Find 5 ideas how to finance food truck business, use one to buy a trailer from Futuristo.


The easiest way to get financing for buying a food truck is to apply for a bank credit or leasing. It works best if you plan to buy a new trailer, but there is a chance to get financing for a used food truck as well.

However, it is not sufficient just to go to the bank and ask for money.

You need to prepare:

  • A food truck business plan. It must be reasonable, have clear targets, and a sensible budget.
  • Marketing research summary. Most of the banks would like to see what market you want to get, what you would offer to clients, and what your clients’ characteristics are.
  • To be ready to have some % of the food truck price in cash. In some cases 20% will be enough, in others, you will be asked for more than 50%.
  • To have a decent payment history.
  • To pledge the food truck or any other of your property. As an alternative, you can be requested to provide a guarantee that the debt will be paid by someone who has a good payment history and a stable income.
  • To pay additional insurance and other costs, including an interest.

To get financing from a bank is a workable option. However, you must be ready to provide additional guarantees, to complete additional paperwork, and to pay interest. 

Financing a food truck by a supplier

If you decide to buy a food truck directly from a manufacturer or a dealer, there is a chance to get payment terms. However, not all the suppliers are ready for it.

Usually, there are the following restrictions:

  • The food truck must be new.
  • You have to pay over 50% of the food truck price.
  • There are additional requirements for insurance and safety.
  • The supplier may have a request for the purchased trailer in Europe to be operated close enough to be able to check it in a good condition or to get it back to the facility in case of payment failures.

Futuristo can give you some idea of financing. However, if you still doubt what food truck to buy, fill up our questionnaire, and we will help you choose the right model. 

Friends and relatives

As usually, in case the future mobile restaurant owner does not have enough money for starting or developing a business, he/ she may ask friends or relatives for assistance in financing a food truck in Europe.

This alternative would work in case they are ready to invest a considerable amount of money or you have almost enough funds and miss just a small share.

Another negative point is that the relationship with friends and relatives may be spoiled due to financial issues. One needs to keep a very careful approach not to replace personal affairs with business.

Social funds

From time to time, social and non-commercial organizations announce competitions and offer grants for socially unprotected people: lonely women, people with some disability, unemployed, etc. Sometimes these options are offered by business enterprises or state authorities.

Follow local, municipal, and state organizations, read their sites, get acquainted with contests, competitions, and initiatives. There is a chance that you will succeed and find a source to finance a food truck business.


Another food truck business financing tool is fundraising.

There are several resources where you сan place your ad along with a business plan, a marketing research summary, and look for financing. This option is not always successful, but it is worth trying.

In any case, remember, that Futuristo builds the best trailers in Europe. They perfectly fit premium class mobile restaurants, dessert food trucks. and events’ catering.