Futuristo analyses all the questions about food trucks and provides expert answers based on deep knowledge and experience. 

I do not know what food truck to buy. Can you help me?

Of course, we can help you. Please fill up the questionnaire, and we will contact you to make the best possible offer. 

How much does it cost to build a food truck?

The price of the food truck depends on the configuration and the model. We offer different gensets, air conditioners, internal cooking equipment. Choose whatever you need, and you will get the best price for your food truck.

How long does it take to build a food trailer?

It takes up to 4 weeks to build a standard food truck. If you want Futuristo to equip it with a pizza stove, plot for hamburger’s production, pancakes’ surfaces or an additional air conditioner, it might require 2-3 additional weeks.

Where can you deliver my food truck?

We can deliver your machine to any part of the world. Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Africa – our logistics department will make their best to assure you get your food truck anywhere in the fastest possible way! Plan to buy food truck in Belgium, UK? Futuristo will be there for you

Will you build my food truck per a special design?

The size, color, all the internal equipment and the food trailer layout will be discussed with you in each minor detail. You will get the product you want. Just let us know your ideas about the colors, graphics, signs, and logos.

What is a custom trailer?

The standard food truck we build for you includes a body and a chassis. You choose what needs to be inside. Will give you a small hint – think of air conditioners, heaters, stoves, water tanks, exhausting systems, dishwashing machines, refrigerators, and cooking surfaces.

Do you have all the licenses and certificates, so I can operate the food truck in my town?

Futuristo is European manufacture of trailers. We have all the necessary certificates confirming the safety of the product, compliance with ecological standards. Call us and we will check what specific documents can provide to you, so you would be able to arrange a business, using your new food truck.

Where can I park the trailer?

There are special regulations in each country and even a city. In the USA a food truck distance to a restaurant should not be less than 200 m, in Canada – not less than 100 m. Closer distance is possible if corresponding permission from restaurant owners is received. There are no restrictions in food truck parks, on private territories.
Check details with your municipality.

Do you build pizza food trucks?

Oh yes! We can build any food truck you want. Pizza, chips, pancakes, hamburgers, bbq, ice-cream, grilled cheese, lamb, soups, the list is endless. We just need to understand what exactly you want to use it for, and as soon as it is done, we will build the trailer of your dream.

How much money can I make with my trailer?

This is a very good question about food trucks. Our product is very economical. You will invest your money in them once and then start getting profit. We can’t say exactly how much it will be. It depends on the application, the place where you use the trailer, seasonality, customers’ preferences, and, of course, your efforts. Be sure that Futuristo food truck will not let you down!

When will I start getting profit from operating my food truck?

This is pure economics, and the answer depends on your costs and workability. The calculation would be impacted by a place where you use the trailer and the food you make. Based on statistics, our owners start getting profit in 3 months after the beginning of the operation. In 6 months they start getting a solid profit.

The expected monthly income might be up to  US$ 60,000 if you enter a high-end market. Mobile kitchens oriented on selling hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, tortillas will bring less income, but the eventual profit might be similar.

What shall I do if there are other people with food trucks around me? Will someone notice me?

No need to worry! You will have Futuristo food truck! It has a remarkable design, perfect appearance, and a comfortable interior. People will notice it among hundreds of other trailers. Especially if your cooks prepare delicious dishes!

I live in a resort area. How can I use a trailer for a seasonal business?

Another very good question about food rucks. Any seasonal business is good and profitable, but it is not easy to survive outside the season. Consider two options for utilizing your food truck. The first one is to move the trailer to another area where the season just starts. You sold food on the seashore? Move the truck to the ski resort and vise verse. Consider moving it downtown or close to the city entertainment! These places will always be profitable!

Another option is to park the trailer and wait for a new season. Well, people do it, so in some cases, it might be economically profitable.

Can I use food trucks for parties?

Definitely! It is a great business. Offer your services to offices, hotels, resort centers. Advertise them in newspapers! People will be happy to invite your food truck to a great event and have tasty food that has just been taken off the stove.

Another alternative is open-air festivals. They often take place in Europe irrespective to whether it is hot summer, beautiful, colorful autumn, snowy winter, or a charming spring. All you need to do is just to follow the announcements of open-air events near you and bring the trailer to all of them.

Do I need a driving license to tow a trailer?

Yes, the driving license is necessary. If your food truck does not exceed 3500 kg, while the towing vehicle is below 750 kg, you will need a B+ category allowing the whole weight to be not more than 4250 kg.

The BE category which is in principle a license to drive the trailer allows towing the weight which does not exceed car manufacturers’ requirements and 3500 kg.

If you did not find an answer to your question about food trucks in the UK, Germany, contact us!

Are there any additional food truck permits and licenses required for operation?

The list of permits and licenses is different in every country. In principle, you will need a business license, health inspection permits, and some other documents required by your municipality. 

Does Futuristo work with dealers?

Yes., Futuristo looks for possibilities of partnership with dealers who sell cars, trucks, special construction vehicles. We are ready to work on mutually profitable conditions and offer partners our product, warranty, and service assistance.