When buying a food truck or trailer, people pay special attention to what materials these vehicles are built of. Futuristo uses reliable, strong, and durable fiberglass for trailer body construction.

Fiberglass assures long usage, a possibility to use trailers in any industry, and high quality. Still, in the market, you can find food trucks with aluminum or steel bodies. See our analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of these materials.

Aluminum food truck body

There are many reasons why manufacturers use aluminum to produce trailer and food truck bodies. This material is light. It allows cutting up to 50% of the mobile restaurant weight providing the body is well-designed. This increases aerodynamic features and diminishes a load upon the chassis.

The low weight allows:

  • Decreasing fuel consumption during driving, towing, transportation;
  • Improving engine performance;
  • Increasing trailer or food truck payload;
  • Easy repair and renovation;
  • Decreasing general wear;
  • A possibility to make a new body or redesign an old one.

Still, many people believe that the main advantage of the aluminum food truck body is its cost. The material is cheap, and this allows reducing a trailer or food truck’s price considerably.

Irrespective of the above-listed benefits, the aluminum food truck body has many disadvantages. The material is soft. This leads to high risks of damaging a body. If you inspect a food trailer, which has been in operation for a year, you will easily see dents, cracks, and even fractures. And this is irrespective to the fact its owners took care of it well.

Another disadvantage of the aluminum food truck body is that it quickly rusts. Rust and high-quality professionally looking mobile restaurants do not go together. Any sign of the poor sanitary conditions may lead to issues with a health department and perfect service. Food truck bodies with signs of rust require special treatment and eventually lead to more operation and maintenance costs.

Steel food truck body

Steel is a reliable and strong material that can be used for a long time. Stainless steel does not rust. It is resistant to hits and damage.

Irrespective of these advantages, most trailers and food trucks producers do not use this material. You will get a steel food truck body only if you buy a bus, van, truck, or any other vehicle and convert it into a food truck.

Disadvantages of a steel food truck body:

  • It is expensive.
  • It is heavy. The steel body will require a stronger chassis and still will cause faster wear-off. Aerodynamic features will decrease while the impact on engine performance will be heavier.
  • The total payload will become less.
  • If cheap non-stainless steel is used, the body will quickly rust.

Fibeglass food truck body

Fiberglass or fiber-reinforced plastic with glass fiber is a modern material that is mainly used for the production of pipes, storage tanks, oil and gas industry equipment, and even in house building.

Futuristo uses fiberglass to build trailers.

Advantages of trailer fiberglass bodies:

  • Light weight. This improves payload capacity and towing speed. The impact on engine and chassis is considerably less compared to any other material.
  • Resistance to impacts and damage. Fiberglass bodies are strong and bearable to hits and cuts. Covered with gelcoat, they do not require regular repainting or renovation. This considerably decreases operation and maintenance costs.
  • Fiberglass does not rust. Rusting is one of the major issues and headaches for food truck owners. The new material stays in perfect condition for years.
  • Quite a low cost, especially compared to stainless steel. This helps Futuristo achieve a great balance between price, quality, and performance.

Solution suitable for any industry

Due to its quality and characteristics, trailer fiberglass bodies can be successfully used for any industry.

Fiberglass bodies are perfect for business and traveling:

  • Mobile restaurants and food trailers in sea and ski resorts, remote areas, or drastic operation conditions. Aggressive environment, salty water, dirt, hail, or any other atmospheric conditions will not cause any considerable damage.
  • Your office or a ticket booth can be parked anywhere you want. It will always look clean, decent, and attractive.
  • The body design will attract clients to buy food, books, souvenirs, or anything you sell.
  • Strong and reliable trailers with fiberglass bodies are a perfect option for open-air festivals, birthday parties, or music events.
  • Caravans and campers. Light trailers will help you save fuel, payload, and have a reliable, durable vehicle for many years.

Futuristo trailers with fiberglass bodies can be used for operation in any industry and weather conditions. The product is reliable, durable, and not expensive. To learn more, contact Futuristo. We will be happy to consult you on any food truck and trailer issues.