Have you ever dreamed of having your own pizza food truck? People love this Italian pie, and pizza mobile restaurants seem to be always doing well.

What to do, if there are thousands of pizza sellers around, and you are afraid to get lost among them? Here is a plan from Futuristo.

Be optimistic and order food truck

First of all, believe in yourself and order a trailer from Futuristo.

These are some reasons why you need to buy a food truck in Europe from Futuristo:

  • Trailers have modern high-tech and high-quality construction and design. They are reliable and durable. The price of trailers in Europe is competitive.
  • Futuristo will mount middle- and low-temperature cameras, drinking water, and grey water tanks, a diesel genset, and an air conditioning system, on request.
  • You can order a trailer with a pizza oven or install it after you get the vehicle.
  • The pizza food truck will have an ergonomic layout and comfortable internal design.
  • We will work on special outside design and create something really awesome that will make clients love your pizza food truck!

A pizza food truck has great advantages. This is a year-round business. Pizza is popular everywhere in the world.

Solve administrative issues

Unfortunately, there is no way you can open a pizza mobile restaurant without solving some administrative issues.

These are some:

  • Get permits and licenses to start a mobile restaurant business.
  • Find the best possible location in your town, food truck park, or a resort.
  • Pay taxes and charges.
  • Make sure you have the right driving license.

Create a menu

Before opening a pizza food truck, complete your menu.

When you just started thinking of opening a pizza food truck, you definitely have worked out some menu. But before you really open the mobile restaurant and invite clients to taste your incredible Italian pie, review the menu once again.

  • Choose several kinds of pizza. Your clients love Margherita, Pepperoni, and BBQ Chicken Pizza. But you also may offer them Hawaiian Pizza, a Seafood Pizza, a special children’s pizza, or an organic pie.
  • Consider the possibility to offer a custom pizza – your clients will decide what they want.
  • Include salads and desserts on the menu.
  • Make a nice drinks card. Soda, coffee, tea, juices, and lemonades will complete your menu.

Put the menu on the TV, menu board, or a showcase. Let your clients see it and want your pizza!


Do you like the idea of a pizza food truck?

Choose the model and order a trailer from Futuristo! 




Contact us if you have any questions.