The coffee and dessert food truck is an exciting business idea. Many people hide their passion for sweets, cakes, ice-cream, lemonades, and hot chocolate, but deep in their hearts, there is always a place for memories about delicious desserts.

Dessert food truck

You will find a dessert food truck in any large city and a small cozy town. Dessert is something people can’t live without. We buy it to show our love, make grief and pain less intensive, and relax. Hot chocolate and coffee food trucks, waffle, and ice-cream trailers, donuts carts are always popular.

There are many brick-and-mortar cafes and restaurants, and one can enjoy a sweet meal course inside or on a cozy patio. However, due to lack of time, high prices, and other reasons we often buy desserts on the way, stopping by food trailers. And, to tell you the truth, this is a good choice.

Dessert food trucks can be found in parks, near business centers, on beaches, and by our home. They are different and offer the most popular menus as well as meals cooked per special and unique receipts. Belgian waffles can be served along with coffee, old fashioned donuts – with a glass of tea or hot chocolate. Many dessert food trailers offer shakes, lemonades, pancakes, and cupcakes.

To win a huge competition against other mobile restaurants and classic cafes, dessert food truck owners must offer a special attractive menu and high-class meals.  

Ice-cream food truck

 Ice-cream food truckBefore starting an ice-cream food truck business, decide, what kind of ice-cream you will sell, what is missing in your area, and what seems to be most wanted. Some marketing analysis is required to get a target market and start getting money.

There are many choices:

  • Ice-cream sandwiches. Consider offering different types of ice-cream – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon, and other tastes. It can be put between two biscuits or waffles cooked by you or sourced from other vendors.
  • Ice-cream rolls. This stir-fried ice-cream is getting more and more popular. People love eating It and watching the cooking process. Everything seems to be so natural and tasty!
  • Soft-serve ice-cream.
  • Gelato. 
  • Factory-made ice-cream.

To run an ice-cream food truck, you will need:

  • Refrigerating display.
  • Freezers are required for storing ice-cream, milk, and other components.
  • Soft-serve ice-cream machine. Consider capacity and technical specifications. You eventually may come up to selling ice-cream in cones, tubs or even frozen yogurt. There are professional machines which can produce up to 500 portions per hour.
  • A metal surface which can get really cold is required for rolled ice-cream.
  • Cream cookers and pasteurizers.

Futuristo would also advise you to equip your ice-cream trailer with a genset and LPG equipment. This will assure autonomy work and costs reduction.

Waffle food truck

Another perfect option is a waffle food truck. Belgian waffles are sold with whipped cream, chocolate, strawberry. They are a perfect choice for breakfasts and snacks. Many waffle food trucks serve birthday parties and weddings and even offer a wedding waffle cake. Others offer unforgettable waffle sandwiches and bubble waffles.

To be the best, you will need a reliable dessert food trailer from Futuristo with the following equipment:

  • An electric or gas bubble waffle machine;
  • A Belgian waffle machine;
  • A warmer to keep the required temperature for a ready product;
  • A tray to store fillings;
  • Freezers and fridges;
  • Genset and LPG system.

You may also consider offering bubble tea or coffee as a nice addition to the main course.

Donut food truck

Donuts food truckGolden-fried donuts with chocolate, honey, sugar, and other toppings are loved by kids and adults. You can buy them in any park, at festivals. A nice aroma is spread on sea and ski resorts.

Old fashioned donuts are a perfect snack. It is easy to cook them, and people who think of starting a dessert food truck business often include them on the top of the menu.

Equipment required for a successful donut food truck:

  • A big mixer.
  • A donut fryer.
  • A coffee machine.
  • Freezers and fridges.
  • Genset and LPG system.

Donut food trucks do not have factory volumes, every client chooses his or her favorite topping, so no professional glazer is required.

Make sure you have good ventilation and a hood. Futuristo trailers comply with these requirements.

Hot chocolate and coffee food truck

Coffee food truckAnother alternative is a hot chocolate and coffee food truck. Your clients look for these drinks at any time of the day and in any season. Look around – people drink coffee in the morning when they hurry up to an office or meet friends before work. They love a cup of flavored espresso or cappuccino or hot chocolate for a coffee break or lunch. Many choose frappe and ice chocolate in summer.   

Equipment required for a coffee food truck:

  • Coffee grinder. In the best world you will need two – one grinder for a plain coffee, another one is for flavored coffees.
  • Espresso coffee machine. This will be a perfect choice if you want to sell cappuccinos and lattes your clients love.
  • Commercial blender. This is also required for preparing chocolate drinks.
  • Freezers

To sell chocolate drinks, you will also need a hot chocolate machine. No cup of coffee or chocolate is good without a piece of cake, brownie or a waffle. Opening a coffee food truck, make sure you offer snacks and desserts.

Your dessert food truck can be focused on selling coffee, ice-cream, donuts, waffles, or pancakes. In any case, buy trailer from Futuristo to serve the best products and start a successful food truck business.